Monday, May 1, 2023

Black-Throated Mango (Hummingbird)

The black-throated mango has quite a broad dispersion in South America. It is found as far north as Colombia and is found in every country in South America except Chile. 
Black-throated mango range - from Wikipedia.
Wikipedia notes that it has a "slightly decurved black bill," which means that the tip of the beak curves down. Males "have metallic bronze green crown, nape, and upperparts." The inner "tail feathers are dusky bronze green and the outer" tail feathers "are metallic magenta-rufous with dark blue edges and a violet sheen." The "wings are grayish brown. They have a black chin, throat, and middle of the chest with metallic bluish green beside it and to the vent. Their sides and flanks are bronzy green." Females, which I have no photos of, do not have the male's "bronzy tone" on the "crown, nape, and upperparts; have outer tail feathers that are "rufous with a wide purple base and whitish tips. They have a thin and ragged black chin and throat stripe with a white border. The rest of their underparts are green." Photos of the female with the white front and black stripe are quite stunning. 
This is the best photo showing the black front with a bluish green edge. 

I saw them at Tinamu Reserve near Manizales, Colombia. Unfortunately, all of my photos are from the side, so I don't get any good front or back photos of the male. 

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  1. Still, the side photos show the many colors. He's like Joseph and his amazing coat.