Thursday, May 25, 2023

American Redstart

My last post was on the Cape May warbler which I saw wintering in Jamaica and migrating north in New York City. This post, on the American redstart, is another warbler I saw wintering in Jamaica 
This American redstart was near Konoko Falls in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. 

This American redstart was at Rocklands Bird Sanctuary outside of Montego Bay, Jamaica. 

and in New York City where they were either still migrating north or had stopped to breed. 
This and the following American redstarts were in Central Park. 

The American redstart is a warbler that breeds in North America, in Canada and the eastern U.S., and winters in Central America, the West Indies and northern South America. 
American redstart range from Wikipedia.
Breeding males are black above with orange-red patches on their wings and tail. The sides of the breast are orange and the rest of the underparts are white. In non-breeding plumage they have green in their upperparts with black central tails and gray heads. Females have yellow where the breeding males have orange. 
Male American redstart in Central Park in New York City. 

Female American Redstart in Central Park.

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  1. Pretty dramatic difference between male and female. It's fun that you saw them in two very different locations.