Sunday, May 14, 2023

Social Flycatcher

The social flycatcher is one of the black, white and yellow birds that look so similar to each other that I've had a hard time distinguishing them. Wikipedia notes that it looks like a smaller version of the boat-billed flycatcher and great kiskadee and is very hard to distinguish from the rusty-margined flycatcher, white-bearded flycatcher, white-ringed flycatcher and lesser kiskadee. Some groups even consider the two subspecies of social flycatcher to be separate species: the social flycatcher for those found from Costa Rica to Mexico and the vermilion-crowned flycatcher for those found from southwest Costa Rica down into South America based on an orange to vermilion crown stripe that is typically not visible. 
Social flycatcher range from Wikipedia.
I've seen what I believe to be two social flycatchers. One at Mashpi Amagusa Reserve in Ecuador last year and one at Tambopata Natural Reserve in Peru. 
In Ecuador.

In Peru.

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