Thursday, May 4, 2023

Blue-Necked Tanager

I was at Timanu Reserve in Colombia the morning we were leaving and someone called out with some excitement that blue-necked tanagers were on one of the feeders. I hustled over and was started by their beauty. 
They have a light blue hood that covers the head, nape and throat and a black bill and black mask that surrounds a black eye. The back and underparts are black. Wing coverts, wing edges and rump are turquoise, and/or yellowish-green and the posterior underparts are purple or turqoise. 

Looking at a map, they are found in a sliver of moist tropical or subtropical lowland forest or montane forest from Venezuela, through Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia and then the lowlands of southern Amazonia. 
Blue-necked tanager range - from Wikipedia.
They eat fruit, berries, flower blossoms and insects. 

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  1. Truly a stunning bird, and one I wonder about how it fits into Darwinism.