Sunday, April 30, 2023

Steely-Vented Hummingbird

I saw the steely-vented hummingbird at Tinamu Reserve in Colombia, outside Manizales. It is found only in portions of Colombia and Venezuela and has three subspecies. We saw the nominate subspecies. 
Steely-vented hummingbird range (the map shows portions of Panama, Colombia and Venezuela) - from Wikipedia.

Both males and females have a black bill with a pinkish-reddish base on the lower bill. Males have golden-green upperparts, a blue-black tail and uppertail coverts, golden-green underparts with a greenish to steel-blue undertail coverts. Females have some white on their throat feathers and grayish-brown undertail coverts.
This shows the pinkish-reddish lower bill.

This photo reveals golden-green upperparts and blue-black tail. 

This appears to be a female as it appears to have white on its throat. I love the white leg feathers.

Unfortunately I did not get any photos of the front which would show the undertail coverts. 

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  1. The feathery boots are super cool. The feathers look like scales.