Monday, May 29, 2023

Black and White Warbler

The black and white warbler is black and white, with lots of both.
My best photo, from Big Morongo Preserve.
Breeding males have a black and white streaked throat and black cheek. Females have a gray cheek and a cream-colored throat and sides. Both sexes have a black and white crown, a white eyebrow, a white belly with black streaking, black wings with two white wingbars, a black tail, a black and white streaked back, streaky undertail coverts and gray-black legs and feet. 

It summers in northern and eastern North America and migrates to winter in Florida, southern Texas, the West Indies and Mexico down to northern South America. 
Black and white warbler range from Wikipedia.
I saw my first black and white warbler at Big Morongo Preserve in California on April 8th of this year. I was on one of the trails near several other people and they spotted it. 

I saw my second black and white warbler in the North Woods of Central Park in New York City in May as part of a bird walk. Most of the group was together, a short distance away, looking at other birds. I was off on my own, scanning the trees and saw it walking up down and around a tree. When I posted photos on iNaturalist an identifier noted that I had two different birds mixed into my photos. There was the black and white warbler, but also a blackpoll warbler. 

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