Friday, May 19, 2023

Russet-Backed Oropendola

The second oropendola we saw was also at Montezuma Rainforest Lodge. The russet-backed oropendola was much less interesting; it lacked the goofy bill of the chestnut-headed oropendola which extended over the forehead and it had a lower and upper mandible of the same length. This subspecies, salmoni, is found in the West and Central Andes and is more brown and much less olive-green than the other subspecies. It has a bright yellow forehead, an orange-yellow bill, is mostly dark brown with black on the wings and tail and some of the tail feathers are yellow. 

It is found in northwestern South America.
Russet-backed oropendola range from Wikipedia.

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  1. At least it has a great name. It sounds like a piece of furniture.