Thursday, May 11, 2023

Rusty-Margined Flycatcher

The rusty-margined flycatcher is one of several yellow, white and black or brown flycatchers (and tropical kingbird) that I've had a hard time distinguishing with my unfamiliar eyes. A couple of days ago I did a post on the great kiskadee, which has the same bright yellow underparts, white chin, neck and supercilium. the same brown upperparts, but missing the rufous streaking, a brown head instead of a black head, a much smaller black bill and much smaller in size, although size is difficult to measure when you don't have them standing side by side. 
Rusty-margined flycatcher at Tinamu Reserve in Colombia. 
They have some presence in southern Central America and the northern half of South America. 
Rusty-margined flycatcher range - Wikipedia
I saw one near Churute Mangroves in Ecuador last year and saw several at Tinamu Reserve in Colombia this year. 
What I think may be a rusty-margined flycatcher near Churute Mangroves in Ecuador, but as I look at the bill, it may be too large and the head may be too blackish (one person has identified it as a rusty-margined flycatcher on iNaturalist). 
This photo, in Colombia, shows a hint of the yellow stripe on the crown which is usually hidden (similar to the great kiskadee). 

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  1. The last photo is a winner. what a beautiful bird. Is that a fly or a worm in its beak?