Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dried Squid - Fried and Grilled

When I was with Andrew and Lauren in Chinatown recently I purchased some dried squid. It looked pretty gnarley. I figured it would be fun to rehydrate, but my expectations as far as edibility were pretty low.
It did not look any better out of the package.
I put them in a tupperware container and filled it half way up with water and put the lid on it.
24 hours later it was looking pretty gross. The water was orangish yellow and the squid looked like it had pond scum on it. Can algae grow that fast?
It was amazing to see how much larger the squid had grown, particularly the tentacles. Compare the squid on the plate to it in its dried form above.
The rehydrated squid now cover the plate.
I took most of the tentacles and one squid body, put olive oil and salt on them and fried them.
The body curled up, as did the tentacles to some degree. I was surprised at how good they tasted. Much better than I thought the dried squid could be.
The tentacles almost look like a squid on their own.
The rest I covered in olive oil and then put a small amount of spicy pepper paste on them. Then I grilled them on the outdoor gass grill.
They tasted substantially different than the fried version, and it wasn't just the chilis. The smoky, barbeque flavor was infused into the squid. The taste difference was amazing. The grilled version was a little more plump - perhaps I cooked it a little less.
I am amazed to say that I think I will do this again. The grilled squid was very good and very easy to make. My expectations were low and it knocked my socks off.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

King Topshell Stir Fry

When Andrew, Lauren and I were in Chinatown recently I bought a can of King Topshell.
I didn't have a clue what it was, but figured it was like a large clam.

I didn't know whether it would be one big piece or lots of little pieces. Top shell is defined as a marine snail of the family Trochidae characterized by a spiral conical shell with a flat base. Another definition said it was typically a bright colored top-shaped or conical shell. A found this picture of a strawberry top shell on the internet.

I found something on the internet that said to use it like abalone. They suggested cutting it into thin slices, then cooking it in stir fry. That's what I decided to do. I opened the can and found one large piece and one small piece of snail.

The next picture is the same snail, just turned over.

I cut the snail into thin strips. I was surprised that it was not as rubbery as a clam or abalone.

I put it into a wok with some cut-up yellow, orange and red peppers, a diced onion, some olive oil, a little soyc sauce.

I added some chili pepper paste to give it a kick.
Much to my surprise and delight, I really liked it! The top shell was not rubbery at all. It was very mild, had a pleasing texture and combined with the pepper and onions very well. Judy even tried it and liked it. It is much less fishy than clams and the texture is much nicer. I would guess that someone that does not like clams because of the fishy taste and rubbery texture, might like top shell, particularly if they didn't know what it was before tasting it. A very fun and surprising find.

Friday, February 26, 2010


Brittlebush is a shrub of northwestern Mexico, southeastern California, southern Nevada, southwestern Utah and western Arizona. I have been looking at the article on "encelia farinosa" or brittlebush in Wikipedia and realizing I know virtually nothing about flowers. As I read the description and then go to links describing the descriptive words, I still can't figure out what it is saying. The common name comes from the brittleness of its stems. I've never tried breaking them, so that part of the description means nothing to me. What I am aware of is that they have silver gray leaves and beautiful yellow flowers surrounding a yellow disk that bloom in the spring (March to June) that can dominate the desert landscape. When they are in full bloom, they can turn a barren desert landscape into the most picturesque of flower gardens. The stems exude a frangrant resin that was chewed by the Indians and used as incense in the churches of Baja California. This photo below was taken on the Ajo Mountain Drive in Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument in March.
The next photo was taken in the same area.

As was the next photo. The beauty added by the brittlebush transforms the desert into a visual paradise.

The next photo was taken near Eagle Mountain.

This view of a solitary plant gives a closer perspective. It was also taken near Eagle Mountain.

A closer photo, taken in the San Felipe Hills, shows individual flowers and the silver gray leaves beneath.

Thiscloser view of individual flowers was taken in Anza Borrego Desert State Park.

And finally, this photo of two flowers, was also taken in Anza Borrego Desert State Park.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

EQC: German Mission - Frankfurt (January to April 1910)

This is the last of Edwin Q. Cannon’s mission journal in Germany. Ed had already served 3 ½ months as the Frankfurt Conference President and he continued on for another 3 ½ months. It appears that Ed’s time as conference president was cut short by a month or so when he found that the police were after him and he needed to get out of Frankfurt.

On January 29th, we are given a good description of the conference structure. Ed sets forth in detail the cities in the Frankfurt Conference and the missionaries assigned to each city. There are seven cities and 18 missionaries: Frankfurt with four, in addition to Ed; Cologne with four; Barmen with two; Herne with one; Darmstadt with three; Mannheim with two; and Saarbrucken with two. Ed then set forth the changes with two being transferred out of the conference, one transferred into the conference, one released to go home, one newly arrived from the States and several transferred within the conference.

On February 15th, Ed bought a Kodak camera and we get some photographs, some of which are set included in the blog.

On February 18th, Ed received a letter from Brother Flamm in Herne that he was being banished. On February 21st, “the police had gotten wind that there had been more than one” missionary living at Sister Distel’s in Frankfurt. Brother Owens, who lived at Sister Distel’s house was registered with the police, but Ed, who also lived there, was not. So Ed had Brother Owens take Brother Josephson, a new missionary from the States who had been assigned to Darmstadt, to the police station to register as living at Sister Distel’s. Ed determined that he “would register in Darmstadt in Bro. Josephson’s place if necessary.”

The next day, on February 22nd, Ed got a special delivery letter from Brother Wright in Cologne “stating that the police had been at and had taken his land lady to the police station and fined her for keeping people so long with out registering them.” Missionaries had been staying with her for about two years. Ed sent instructions to Brother Wright to go to Saarbrucken and to Brother Bennett to go to Herne “in case it is dangerous for them to remain in Cologne.” On February 24th, Ed received a letter from Brother Flamm stating that “he had to leave Herne right away. I appointed Bro. Thos. Bennett to go up there and take charge of things. I appointed him to go to Essen to live instead of Herne, and visit Herne as opportunity offers.”

On March 1st, Ed learned that the police had his name and wanted to get ahold of him. The next day, March 2nd, two missionaries went to the police station and were told that the police were after Ed. In response, Ed went to the bank and withdrew his money, traveled by train to Darmstadt where he had his beard and mustache shaved off and then returned to Frankfurt. On March 6th, Ed determined it would not be wise for him to attend church in Frankfurt or Darmstadt, so he stayed at home. Then he pretty much stayed at home or traveled to other cities. Without saying so in his journal, it appears that Ed determined that he needed to move. On March 11th he packed his trunk. On March 15th, while in Michelstadt, Ed got a telegram from Lou Peery that he was in Frankfurt. So Ed returned to Frankfurt to meet him. The next day, Ed “turned the books and things” over to Brother Owens, who lived with him at Sister Distel’s. On March 18th, Ed attended a meeting of the Conference of Presidents in Leipzig. It is apparent that he knew he would not be returning to Frankfurt. The next day, at the conference, Ed received word that Lou Peery would take his place as conference president. Ed did not return to Frankfurt during the rest of his mission. On March 20th, a “criminal” policeman attended their conference of presidents meeting and all of them had to “promise to appear.” The next day, 17 elders, including President McKay, “went to the police headquarters…Pres. McKay was taken to some official’s office to have a private consultation with him and we elders were directed into another room where we were questioned regarding our places of residence. They treated us all very civilly and did nothing of a disagreeable nature.”

For the next month, it appears that Ed just bided his time before his planned trip east to Greece, Turkey, the Holy Land, Egypt and Italy. He attended several conference meetings and on April 10th, there was a large conference meeting in Zurich. In the meeting there were over 400 present and in the afternoon, over 700 present. Ed spoke at the afternoon meeting along with President McKay.

January 1, 1910 (Saturday): (Frankfurt)

Bro. West and I went over to Bro. Wright’s room to meet Mr. and Mrs. Evans but they had left so we hunted around town for a while but couldn’t find them, so we went to the “Salzhaus” for dinner and while we were eating they came in. During the course of the meal all the other elders came in. After dinner we took a walk until 3 P.M. When Bro. West left for his field of labor which is Zwickan. Mr. and Mrs. Evans and I then went to the Palm Garden and went through the greenhauses until 5 P.M. then we listened to the concert until 6. We then went to the “Salzhaus” for supper and met the elders there. Mr. and Mrs. Evans left for Darmstadt at 8 P.M. then Bro. Wright and I went roller skating.

January 2, 1910 (Sunday): (Frankfurt)

Not having my keys I didn’t go home last night but stayed with Bro. Wright. We had teachers meeting at 12:30, at 1:30 Sunday School, 3 P.M. testimony meeting and at 8 P.M. a program. I enjoyed the spirit more today than I have since being here it seemed to me. Bro. Wright and I went out to Thron’s and administered to the oldest girl, who is sick. She is in a bad condition, being out of her head. I appointed Bro. Wright to go to Cologne to take charge of the branch there in place of Brother Newman who has been released.

January 3, 1910 (Monday): (Frankfurt)

Bro. Stewart left for Mannheim today at noon. The elders came over and we took a bath. Bro. Wright remained over here and we brought in and Bro. Belnap fixed up a dandy dinner. We had Muttonchops, Mormon gravy and potatoes boiled with the skins on. While Bro. Belnap was preparing the feast Bro. Wright and I went to the Taylor’s and got my trousers, which I left to be mended. Sister Emma Berghäuser visited us this afternoon. I visited Hagelstanges this evening and had supper there. I had quite a talk with Bro. and Sister Hagelstange. I gave the sister a big talk on minding her own business.

January 4, 1910 (Tuesday): (Frankfurt)

I felt somewhat unwell today. I went to dinner at Bro. Waibel’s with Elders Kirkham and Smith. After dinner Bro. Kirkham and I visited a woman who is a spiritualist. She is quite a talker and it was hard work to explain the gospel to her because she had so much to say. She gave us each two papers dealing with the subject of spiritualism. Sister Emma Burghäuser was at Distel’s when I got home and spent a little while talking to her. I ordered some coal this afternoon and just as I was leaving for Choir practice it came and it became so late before I got through with it that I couldn’t go so I spent the evening at home.

January 5, 1910 (Wednesday): (Frankfurt)

I spent the forenoon writing and doing some business in town. Bro. Wright left for Cologne at 10 A.M. and I arranged about having his trunk shipped. Bro. Belnap and I brought in for dinner. I wrote to Pres. McKay this afternoon, also to Lester C. Willard and William [Cannon]. I conducted the Bible Class this evening.

January 6, 1910 (Thursday): (Frankfurt)

This forenoon I went to town to cash a check and to send some money off to Bro. Shepherd in Cöln. I was unable to get the check cashed as the Bank had received no advice from America concerning the matter. The check belongs to Bro. Wright. I spent the afternoon at home writing and reading. Bro. Smith and I tried to visit Bro. Heck this evening but he couldn’t receive us so we visited Sister Peterman, spending the time talking to her husband.

January 7, 1910 (Friday): (Frankfurt)

I spent the whole day at home writing letters and fixing up my work. This forenoon I received a telegram from Royal Eccles stating that he would arrive this evening at 8:20. I met him at the train and we went to the Salzhaus for supper then came home and spent the rest of the evening. Bro. Eccles had just come from Zurich and Basel where he had been with Lou Peery.

January 8, 1910 (Saturday): (Frankfurt, Wiesbaden)

Eccles and I went down to the depot this morning to catch the 7:15 A.M. train for Heidelberg but we missed it and I went over to Wiesbaden instead. We walked around town for a while and ate breakfast at a hotel then visited the “Rochbrunnen.” After taking a drink of the water and listening to the orchestra for a while we went over to the “Kurhause” and went through it. This is the finest building I have seen in Germany, it is simply wonderful. We left Wiesbaden at 4:25 P.M. for Frankfurt. Upon arriving we bought tickets for Schuman’s then went to supper at the “Salzhaus.” We went to the theatre after which we decided for Bro. Belnap to stay with Bro. Thompson, and Bro. Eccles to stay with me.

January 9, 1910 (Sunday): (Frankfurt)

Bro. Eccles and I took a bath this morning then he went down to Darmstadt to visit Bro. Evans and his wife. I went to Sunday school at 1:30 P.M. At 3 P.M. we had meeting and at 8 P.M. we held our evening meeting. I ate dinner this afternoon at Kreile’s with Bros. Thompson and Smith. Bro. Eccles returned this evening having been unable to find the Evanses. He stayed with me.

January 10, 1910 (Monday): (Frankfurt, Darmstadt, Frankfurt)

I went over to Darmstadt with Eccles today and we were finally able to meet Evans. He was on the forest train which was taking his class out into the woods. We got on intending to ride out with them, but we were but a short distance out of town when the wind blew Evan’s hat off so we all got off and walked into town and tried to find Mrs. Evans. Being unable to locate her we went through the Russian “Kapelle” and took a walk. We then went to Bro. Evans’ rooms and found his wife. Bro. Eccles and I visited a while then returned to Frankfurt. We received a telegram from Bro. Naylor saying that he was coming to Frankfurt so Eccles went to the depot to wait for him and Bro. Thompson and I visited Hagelstanges and had supper there. I then got Bro. Thompson’s keys and gave him mine so that I could take the fellows to his room and he could go to mine. I then went to the Depot and met the fellows. We went to the Café Bauer for a while then to Bro. Thompson’s room.

January 11, 1910 (Tuesday): (Frankfurt)

Bro. Naylor was going to Eisenach with Bro. Eccles this morning on a train leaving at 9:45, but Bro. Naylor had left his Kodak at my room and through going after it missed the train so both waited until afternoon, Eccles leaving 1:10 P.M. for Leipzig and Naylor at 1:35 for Cologne. This morning I cashed Bro. Wrights check. I bought a new pair of shoes this afternoon then came home and spent the rest of the day writing and studying. I went to Choir practice this evening.

January 12, 1910 (Wednesday): (Frankfurt)

I spent the forenoon at home writing. Bro. Kirkham came over at 12 o-clock and we ate dinner at home. This afternoon I went out to visit Sister Thron and met her on her way to town, so I walked back a way with her then returned home and wrote a letter to Pres. McKay. I went to Bible Class this evening.

January 13, 1910 (Thursday): (Frankfurt)

Bro. Thompson called today at noon and we went out to Thron’s for dinner. After dinner we tried to visit a friend of Bro. Smith’s on Glauburgstr but she had visitors so we couldn’t make that visit. We then visited Sister Rausch for a while. She seemed glad to see us, but something seems wrong with her. I believe that she would like to come back to us. G.M. Taylor arrived this evening at 7 P.M.

January 14, 1910 (Friday): (Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Frankfurt)

Bro. Taylor and I went over to Wiesbaden this morning, with the intention of visiting Mayence before returning but we spent so much time in Wiesbaden that we didn’t have time to go over. We spent most of our time in the “Kurhaus.” This evening we went to Schumann’s.

January 15, 1910 (Saturday): (Frankfurt)

Merle and I slept in Bro. Thompson’s room last evening. We came over to Sachsenhausen and took a bath with the fellows. At noon we held a priesthood meeting until 1:45 P.M. then went to the Salzhaus for dinner. This afternoon we hunted for a private swim bath but found that there wasn’t one in Frankfurt. All the elders went roller skating this evening.

January 16, 1910 (Sunday): (Frankfurt, Darmstadt, Frankfurt)

I went down to Darmstadt about noon and not finding the elders at their room went over to Sister Waibel’s and she invited me to dinner. We held Sunday School at 1:30 and meeting at 3 P.M. After meeting I visited a brother who had been a Sunday School teacher, but then [after] his never attending was released from his position[,] to hear his complaint of wrong treatment. I fixed things up with him so that he seemed to feel alright. I returned to Frankfurt at 5:48 and attended the evening meeting. I and Bro. Taylor took up the time. As we went to Bro. Thompson’s to stay, Sister Zerm invited us into Esches’ to talk gospel to two friends. One of them was a jewess and the other a catholic.

January 17, 1910 (Monday): (Frankfurt)

I met Bro. Belnap at the Haupt Wache at 9 A.M. and we went and paid the rent on the hall and got every thing in a way to be fixed up with in the very near future. I met Merle T[aylor]. at 10 A.M. and we went to Sachsenhausen where I worked until after noon. We then went to the Salzhaus for dinner. This afternoon we visited Herrn Huth and had a conversation with him, although he tried hard to avoid gospel subjects. The talk seemed to do him lots of good. We then went to the Café Bauer for a while. This evening all the elders ate supper and spent the evening at Sister Distels. Sisters Emma Berghäuser, Paula Risch and Kätchen Umhauer were also there and furnished the meal. Bro. Smith took our picture.

January 18, 1910 (Tuesday): (Frankfurt)

I slept in Sachsenhausen last evening. I worked on the books this forenoon. Merle and I went to Krischbaum’s for dinner. We visited a family of Bro. Kirkham’s friends until about 4:30. Bro. Hirschel bought supper for the fellows and we ate at Distel’s the sister having prepared it. After going to Choir practice we went to the Roller Rink.

January 19, 1910 (Wednesday): (Frankfurt)

I worked on my records in Sachsenhausen until about 1 P.M. then went to dinner at the “Salzhaus” with Merle Taylor. This afternoon we took a walk through the swell resident part of Frankfurt. We ate supper at Bro. Farr’s, then I went to Bible Class. I conducted the exercises.

January 20, 1910 (Thursday): (Frankfurt)

Bro. Belnap, Bro. Thompson and I ate dinner at Bro. Huck’s. They wanted us to wait until 3 P.M. for Frau Pfauser, then bless their child, so I went to the “Salzhaus” and got Merle and took him back to Hucks and we blessed the child and remained and talked gospel with Frau Pfauser until about 4:30 P.M. We went to the “Caveliera Rusticanna” and “Paglacci” in the Opera Hause.

January 21, 1910 (Friday): (Frankfurt, Karlsruhe, Stuttgart)

I went out to Sachsenhausen and packed my grip and left for Karlsruhe at 10:29 A.M. with Bro. Taylor. We were to have met Bro. McKay there but he and Bro. Hansen were to hold a meeting in Stuttgart, so after eating dinner with Bro. Friederick we went over to Stuttgart and attended meeting. Pres. McKay, Pres. Hansen, Bro. Taylor and I spoke. We stayed a hotel this evening. Bro. Anton Koller was moved from the Frankfort to the Stuttgart Conference about two or three weeks ago.

January 22, 1910 (Saturday): (Stuttgart, Karlsruhe)

The elders from Stuttgart, Bro. Taylor and I went back to Karlsruhe. We held priesthood meeting at the hall at 2 P.M. All the elders reported themselves as feeling well. Pres. McKay gave us some very good instructions. After meeting Bro. Taylor and I visited Herrn Martin and another friend came over and we spent the evening talking gospel. Bro. Taylor and spent the night there.

January 23, 1910 (Sunday): (Karlsruhe)

Bro. Taylor and I went to Sunday School. After it was out we went to the swim bath and got fixed up with a bath and hair cut then went to dinner at Herr Martin’s. We went to meeting at 3 o-clock. After meeting we went to supper at Herr Burkle’s. I talked at the meeting this evening. I stay at Herr Martin’s tonight.

January 24, 1910 (Monday): (Karlsruhe, Pforzheim, Karlsruhe)

I met Pres. McKay, Pres. Hansen and Bro. Taylor this morning. I spent the forepart of the day in the hotel writing. This evening we went over to Pforzheim and held a meeting. There were 28 friends present. We went back to Karlsruhe to sleep.

January 25, 1910 (Tuesday): (Heilbronn)

Bro. Taylor and I left for Heilbronn this morning. We put up at the Hotel Falcon. This afternoon we visited Frau Pfauser’s sister Frau Schäfer. We had a very good time with her preaching the gospel. She was very prejudiced against us, but we succeeded in removing this. We went to a Kino then went to the hotel and met Pres. McKay and Hansen. This evening we held a meeting. There were quite a number of friends present.

January 26, 1910 (Wednesday): (Heilbronn, Saarbrucken)

Pres. McKay, Bro. Taylor and I left for Saarbrücken shortly before noon, arriving there about 5:30 P.M. We went up to Hust’s for supper. We held meeting in the room in Kasernenstr. There were quite a number of friends present. I slept at Bochardt’s with Bro. Matthews.

January 27, 1910 (Thursday): (Saarbrucken, Saargemund, Mannheim)

Bro. Becraft, Pres. McKay and I went over to Saargemünd this morning and visited Bro. and Sister Bach and on return to Saarbrücken ate dinner with Gesch Hust. Bro. Taylor, Pres. McKay and I then left for Mannheim at 12:45 P.M. Pres. McKay and Bro. Taylor put up at the Central Hotel and I went and found Elders Berrett and Stewart. During the afternoon we visited Sister Maier. We held a meeting at 8:30 P.M. There were about 20 saints and 5 friends present.

January 28, 1910 (Friday): (Mannheim, Heidelberg, Worms, Mayence, Wiesbaden, Frankfurt)

Bro. Taylor and I left for Heidelberg at 7:30 A.M. We went up to the Hirsch gasse upon arrival and witnessed two duels. We returned to Mannheim at 10:15 A.M. and met Pres. McKay at the depot and left for Worms at 11 A.M. We visited Mr. Kee an old friend of the missionaries at the time Frank Q. was here, when Pres. McKay was on his first mission. He is an American who is foreman of a tanning factory. He and his wife were so very pleased to see us. We remained to dinner with them. We went to Mayence at 2:30 P.M. and Bro. Taylor went right on to Frankfurt from there, and Pres. McKay and I visited Fräulein Struve an old acquaintance of the president’s. We had quite a gospel talk with her where by we missed our train. So we went to Wiesbaden at 5:15 P.M. We walked around in Wiesbaden for a while then left for Frankfurt at 7:18 P.M. We met Sister Emma Burghäuser on the train and rode to Frankfurt with her. Bro. McKay went to the Salzhaus and got a room, and I went out to Sachsenhausen and cleaned up and came and ate supper with him.

January 29, 1910 (Saturday): (Frankfurt)

I called for Pres. McKay at 9:55 A.M. and we went over to the priesthood meeting in Gr. Eschenheimerstr 31. There were present, elders, Geo. M. Taylor, J.W. Murry, Josephson, from Leipzig, Nürenberg and Brigham City, respectively; also Bro. Price who has worked two and a half years in the French “Schweiz” and France; then the elders working in this conference as follows: J.M. Belnap, E.J. Kirkham, E.S. Smith and L.A. Thompson – Frankfurt; C.E. Wright, Thos. B. Bennett, M.D. Naylor, and A.W. Shepherd – Cologne; J.H. Wittever and Geo. E. Burgi – Barmen; Geo. W. Flamm – Herne; Geo. Schick, R.D. Kent and Wm W. Owens – Darmstadt; W.E. Stewart and E.R. Berrett – Mannheim; and R.J. Becraft and D.A. Matthews - Saarbrücken. We held two sessions, the first from 10 A.M. to noon and the second from 2:30 P.M. until 5:30 P.M. We enjoyed a very good spirit and it was certainly a time of rejoicing for every one present. Between sessions Pres. McKay, Bro. Taylor, and I went to Krischbaum’s to dinner, then all the boys met at the photographers and we had our pictures taken. This evening we ate supper at Sister Distel’s, the supper was at the expense of Sister Emma Berghäuser. Pres. McKay, Bro. Taylor and I, were the guests. Appointments were made as follows: Cologne - C.E. Wright, Thos. B. Bennett, M.D. Naylor and C.W. Price; Barmen - John H. Wittwer and Geo. E. Burgi; Herne - Geo W. Flamm; Darmstadt - A.W. Shepherd, Geo. Schick and J.A. Josephson; Mannheim - with out elders for the present; Saarbrücken - R.J. Becraft and D.A. Matthews; *Frankfort - E.J. Kirkham, E.S. Smith, W.E. Stewart, L.A. Thompson, and Wm W. Owens. Bro. J.M. Belnap and also Bro. Geo. M. Taylor received their releases. Bro. E.R. Berrett was transferred to the Leipzig Conference and Bro. Kent to the Hungarian.

January 30, 1910 (Sunday): (Frankfurt, Darmstadt, Frankfurt)

Our Sunday School conference started at 10 A.M. Considering the change in time of starting we had quite a turn out. At 12:50 P.M. Pres. McKay, Bro. Taylor, Bro. Wright, Bro. Naylor and Bro. Shepherd and I went over to Darmstadt and held meeting there at 2 P.M. We had a very good meeting and it was very noticeable the improvement in speaking made by the new men. We returned to Frankfurt at 4:30 P.M. and Elders Taylor, Naylor and I ate supper at the Salzhaus. Our meeting in the hall this evening was a success. There were between 200 and 300 people present 58 of them were friends. This afternoon there were 41 friends in meeting in Frankfort.

January 31, 1910 (Monday): (Frankfurt)

I met Bro. Wright this morning at 10 A.M. to see about his trunk. We found out that the trunk had been transported to Cologne alright. I then went to the Dresdener Bank and left a check which received from home for $50. We all then went to the plunge for a swim. Pres. McKay and I went to Sister Klinkel’s for dinner. Sister Weber from Rüdersheim was there. After dinner we visited Bro. Humbert, Sister Schellenberger, Sister Prinz, Sister Wänes, Bro. Fahr and Bro. Hagelstange. We ate supper at Hagelstange’s and spent the evening there. Frau Pfauser, Sister Weber, Sister Klinkel and daughter were also present. Merle Taylor went roller skating this evening and I met him at the rink.

February 1, 1910 (Tuesday): (Frankfurt, Offenbach, Frankfurt)

Bros. Belnap, Kirkham and I visited Herrn Weber on business regarding the hall. We will sign a contract for three years. I went to the Salzhaus and got Pres. McKay and we went to the depot to see Bro. Taylor off. He left for Basel at 9:35 A.M. Pres. McKay and I visited Herrn Prinz for a while, Frau Nauman, and Sister Hoffmann then went to dinner at Sister Weber’s. Right after noon we went over to Offenbach and visited Sister Specht, Sister Hübner, Sister Göller and Sister Sauer. Sister Göller’s sister-in-law was visiting her and she wished to be baptized, but we considered it better that she wait a while. On returning from Offenbach we went to the Hotel and got cleaned up. Bro. Kirkham came about 4 P.M. and he and Pres. McKay went to pay Herrn Huth a visit and I went to the Bank and collected my money then went to Herrn Huth’s and got them and the three of us then visited Frau Koch a friend of Bro. Kirkham’s. She served us with milk and cake. This evening Bro. McKay and I ate supper at Sister Trauche’s. We got to choir practice just as it was letting out so Pres. McKay could bid the saints good bye.

February 2, 1910 (Wednesday): (Frankfurt, Cologne)

Bro. Belnap, Pres. McKay and I visited a friend of Bro. Belnap’s this morning. He is a temperance union leader. He seemed very pleased to meet us. Pres. McKay and I made two quick visits at Sister Bicziczek’s and at Frau Dörr’s, then went out to Tron’s for dinner. We hurried back and met Bro. Shepherd at the depot, and left our grips with him than made a quick call on Sister Huck. We left for Cologne at 1:35 P.M. Bro. Wright met us at the depot and we went to the City Hoseland Pres. McKay took a room there. I went over to Bro. Naylor’s room with Bro. Shepherd and then called for Pres. McKay and went to meeting. There were about 12 friends and 40 members present in the meeting. I stayed with Bro. Wright in Zülpicher Platz.

February 3, 1910 (Thursday): (Cologne, Barmen)

Pres. McKay and I visited Herrn and Sister Marx, then went to Hartmann’s for dinner. I did a little writing this afternoon and did a little shopping. We left for Barmen at 5:55 P.M. Bro. Wittwer met us at the depot. Pres. McKay took a room at the Vogeler Hotel then we went up to Schwarze’s for supper. We held meeting at 8:30 P.M. there were 5 members and 11 friends present. I stayed with the elders at Schwarz’s.

February 4, 1910 (Friday): (Barmen, Herne)

I spent the forenoon at Schwarze’s. This afternoon I wrote up my diary. Bro. McKay and I left for Herne at 3:09 P.M. Upon arrival we came up to Bro. Flamm’s. Sister Krefter invited us to coffee then wrote a while and then went to meeting. There were 11 friends and 13 members present. Among the friends was a policeman coming to Herne we changed cars at Hagen and took the car at Bochum for Herne.

February 5, 1910 (Saturday): (Herne, Dortmund, Herne)

Pres. McKay, Bro. Flamm and I went to Dortmund this morning at 10:45 A.M. We went to Bro. and Sister Spemper’s, who own a reform restaurant, and ate dinner and had a talk with them. Bro. Ernst Sonntag who is working in Dortmund also visited us there. Pres. McKay left for Bielefeld in the Hamburger Conference at 3:05 P.M. Bro. Flamm and I then visited Herrn Proll and had quite a conversation with him. We left for Herne at 5:27 P.M. Bro. Sonntag came over from Dortmund on a later train. Sister Krefter prepared supper for us.

February 6, 1910 (Sunday): (Herne, Cologne)

Bro. Flamm, Bro. Sonntag and I visited two families of friends this forenoon. We held testimony meeting at 2 P.M. We had a good meeting. Sister Krefter prepared a dandy dinner. I left for Bochim with the street car at about 6:30 P.M. and caught a train for Cologne at 7:25. Upon arrival in Cologne I went to the boys room in Zülpicher Platz. Bro’s Naylor and Bennett then came in and we went over to the other room in Frankfurterstr 6. We went out on the street this evening to see the people parade around in their carnival costumes.

February 7, 1910 (Monday): (Cologne)

I bought me a pair of overshoes this morning. The “Fast Nacht” carnival parade was to start a Neumarkt so Bro. Naylor and I went over there and met the other fellows. We got a good place to see the same go by. The costumes worn by the people taking part were great, but the floats were not very good. We spent most of the afternoon and evening on the streets. Almost all the people wore very grotesque costumes.

February 8, 1910 (Tuesday): (Cologne)

Elders Wright, Naylor, Shepherd and I went to Bro. Hartmann’s for dinner. After dinner Bro. Wright and I visited Bro. Turner in Mühlheim. This afternoon we all had a talk about missionary work and things in general at Zülpicher Platze then for supper we went to the “Veg” restaurant. We all went to a “Varitee” this evening.

February 9, 1910 (Wednesday): (Cologne, Frankfurt)

Bro. Shepherd called over for me this morning and we left for Frankfurt at 12:45 P.M. We stopped at Bingen and crossed over to Rüdersheim and visited Sister Weber. She played the piano for us and also served us with refreshments. After leaving we crossed over to Bingen and ate supper at the depot. We left for Frankfurt at 8:45 P.M. Bro. Belnap left some days ago for a trip and Bro. Owens is living at Distel’s with me.

February 10, 1910 (Thursday): (Frankfurt, Hanau)

I rode down toward the depot with Bro. Shepherd who left for Darmstadt this morning and cashed a check for 787.24 Marks which I received from home. Bro. Owens and I ate dinner at home. This afternoon we went out to Hanau. We spent the evening there with Eck’s.

February 11, 1910 (Friday): (Frankfurt)

I spent the forenoon at home working. I ate dinner with Bro. Kirkham at his room then we visited Bro. Humbert and listened to a tale of woe. I spent the afternoon writing. I went to the theatre this evening to see “Die Jung frau von Orleans.” I received a letter from Luella as I got home.

February 12, 1910 (Saturday): (Frankfurt)

We went to the Brause this forenoon. Bro. Kirkham and I visited Herrn Weber but it was so near noon that he couldn’t see us. We ate at the reform restaurant. I came home and wrote some reports out then met Bro. Kirkham again and visited Herrn Weber again, but he has sent the contract which is to be signed up to the hall. We visited Sister Kätchen Umhauer at the “Städtische Kraukenhaus” and had a little talk with her. We ate supper at home.

February 13, 1910 (Sunday): (Frankfurt)

We had Sunday School at 10 A.M. this morning. There were quite a number of friends present. This Book of Mormon class was very interesting. We studied the 2nd Chapter of II Nephi. After Sunday school Bro. Stewart and I came out to Schsenhausen to administer the sacrament for Sister Distel, but she wished to take it tomorrow. At 3 P.M. we held meeting. There was not such a good attendance as usual. After meeting elders Smith, Stewart, Owens and I went to Bro. Kreile’s for supper. Fräulein Schuchmann und ihre Schwester waren in der heute abends Versammlung anivesend. Bros. Thompson, Bru. Smith und ich führten das Wort.

February 14, 1910 (Monday): (Frankfurt)

I wrote a letter to Luella this forenoon. I went over to Bro. Kirkham’s for dinner. We visited Bro. Hambert to see about some branch business. Bro. Smith and I went and looked at some Kodaks and I decided to buy one. Bro. Kirkham and I then visited Herrn Weber but Bro. Humbert couldn’t get off. This evening all we elders went “die Walküre” in the Opera House.

February 15, 1910 (Tuesday): (Frankfurt)

Bro. Kirkham and I met Bro. Humbert at Herrn Weber’s at 9 A.M. We paid the rent and received 52.10 Marks due us, being half of the expense incurred in getting the hall ready for use last July. We didn’t sign the contract wishing that another clause be inserted that we could break the contract and give a three months notice in case of police interference. I met Bro. Steward at 10 A.M. and we went to a photograph store and I bought a Kodak. We went out and took some pictures then went to Krischbaum’s for dinner. This afternoon Bro. Smith developed the film I had used but he didn’t do it right. Bros. Kirkham and Smith and I went to supper to Frau Schüttlers, then to choir practice.

February 16, 1910 (Wednesday): (Frankfurt, Darmstadt)

I spent the day until about 2:30 P.M. writing, then Bro. Smith called for me and we went to Barchardt’s for coffee. At 5 P.M. we caught the train for Darmstadt. We went up to Bro. Shepherd’s room and got him, and the three of us visited Mrs. Evans. We went to Bible class at 8:30 P.M.

February 17, 1910 (Thursday): (Darmstadt)

We went out this forenoon and took some pictures. [The first picture is labeled "Mondument - Darmstadt"]

[This picture is labeled "Darmstadt"]
[This picture is labeled "Russian Chapel - Darmstadt"]
Bro. Shepherd and I went to Herrn Schiffler’s to dinner. This afternoon we went swimming in the big swim bath. Bro. Smith left for Frankfurt at 5:30 P.M. Bro. Shepherd and I visited Herrn Flurer. He was a member of the church for many years but was cut off about a year ago. He wishes to join again.

February 18, 1910 (Friday): (Darmstadt, Gaddernheim, Darmstadt, Frankfurt)

Bros. Shepherd, Josephson, and I met Bro. Schick at the depot at 8:45 A.M. and the four of us went out to Gaddernheim. We to the train to Bensheim then had a walk of over two hours. We held a meeting at Bro. Marquardts there were about 14 people present. [The picture below is labeled "member & friends at Gaddernheim"]
We left Gaddernheim at 4 P.M. and returned to Darmstadt. I ate supper at Sister Waibel’s then returned to Frankfurt. I received a letter from Bro. Flamm in Herne stating that he had been banished.

February 19, 1910 (Saturday): (Frankfurt)

Bro. Owens and I went to the “Brause” this morning then I came home and wrote until noon. We brought in for dinner and just as we were about to sit down to eat Bros. Smith and Rabe came so we fixed some dinner up for them also. I spent the afternoon at home writing and this evening ate supper at Sister Borchardt’s. [The picture below is labeled "Ed Cannon's - Bro. Owen's room  Frankfort" They were staying at Distels.]
February 20, 1910 (Sunday): (Frankfurt)

We held our Sunday School this morning at 10 A.M. and had quite a number of friends present. At noon we went through the Museum then went to the Automat for something to eat. Bro. Rabe spoke to us this afternoon meeting. We all went to the Reform Restaurant for supper. We had a very good turn out in our evening meeting. Bro. Shepherd came over from Darmstadt this evening.

February 21, 1910 (Monday): (Frankfurt)

I spent most of the morning writing and getting my reports in order. Before noon I went to the Dresdner Bank and drew some money out. Last night Bro. Shepherd wrote Bro. Josephson to send his passport over per special delivery but Bro. Josephson was unable to find it so through his anxiety came over to see if he could lend any help. Bro. Shepherd and I met him at the door as we were going to town. He had just ridden up in a hack. We had Sister Distel get us lunch today. Bro. Owens took Bro. Josephson to the police station and he registered as living here in my place. I had him do this as Bro. Owens was alone registered, and the police had gotten wind that there had been more than one living here. I will register in Darmstadt in Bro. Josephson’s place if necessary. I ate supper and visited Bro. Hagelstange this evening. There were two friends there and we spent a very profitable evening.

February 22, 1910 (Tuesday): (Frankfurt)

I spent the whole day at home working on the reports. I received a special delivery letter from Bro. Wright this morning stating that the police had been at and had taken his land lady to the police station and fined her for keeping people so long with out registering them. The brethren have been living with her, at Zülpicher Platz II for about two years now. I have instructed Bro. Wright to go to Saarbrücken and Bro. Bennett to go to Herne in case it is dangerous for them to remain in Cologne. This evening I spent about an hour in a Kino but came out before the program was half finished.

February 23, 1910 (Wednesday): (Frankfurt)

I again spent the day at home working on the reports and books. Sister Remnitz visited Sister Distel this afternoon and I went in and had quite a talk with her. Sister Kätchen Umhauer also came to visit and Sister Distel invited me to Coffee. I went to Bible class this evening and Bro Kirkham called on me to conduct the recitation.

February 24, 1910 (Thursday): (Frankfurt)

I wrote some letters this morning to Cologne. I received a letter from Bro. Flamm, and it turned out that he had to leave Herne right away. I appointed Bro. Thos. Bennett to go up there and take charge of things. I appointed him to go to Essen to live instead of Herne, and visit Herne as opportunity offers. Bro. Smith and I went to dinner at Throne’s today. They had a tale of woe, which is no uncommon thing around here these days, for quite a bunch of members. Sister Distel’s daughter-in-law and a nurse from the “Heilge Geist” Hospital were here at Distel’s, also Sister Paula Risch and we held a cottage meeting. About 8:30 P.M. Bro. Humbert came over to see me. I went out in the Kitchen to talk to him and he acted just like a crazy man. He said that he would go to the police in the morning and have the meeting registration changed from his name. He only spoke about 5 minutes then he said that he would never be seen by us again. I excused myself at the meeting and went over to Bro. Lehwalder’s and asked him to have the meeting changed to his name so if Bro. Humbert repents before morning the meeting will be changed any way. Just as I was leaving Sister Thron and her daughter came in.

February 25, 1910 (Friday): (Frankfurt)

Bro. Kirkham came over at about 9 A.M. and after I had finished up a little work we went and visited a number of members. The object of our visit was to determine which one of the saints held more hate for some other member than he held love for the church we put it up very strong to them and as far as we went around they fell in line. Both Sister Krischbaums felt that they couldn’t forgive someone else in a moment, but they promised work with themselves, and Sister Humbert, said that she couldn’t overcome her anger against one brother all at once, but would work with herself. We visited eight families of saints and two friends.

February 26, 1910 (Saturday): (Frankfurt)

After bathing, this morning we held a priesthood meeting here in Frankfurt at our room, “bei” Sister Distel’s. Bros. Belnap and Flamm were present, having come in on us last night after we were in bed. Bro. Belnap from Berlin and Bro. Flamm from Cologne. We enjoyed a very good spirit in our meeting. Bro. Kirkham and I visited Thron’s and ate dinner out there. They all were willing to come into line and forgive the other people. We tried to visit Sister Waisensel but she wasn’t home. I printed some pictures at Bro. Smith’s this afternoon. Bro. Kirkham and I visited Borchardt’s this evening and ate supper there. When Bro. Borchardt came home we called the Sister and Wanda in and put the same question up to them, that we have to all the other saints we have visited. The Brother has felt for a long time that Bro. Humbert has been unworthy of his position and he was the only one he wouldn’t forgive. We had a hard fight of it, but he finally gave in. A number of the saints and friends met at the city library at 8:30 P.M. and then went and we baptized Frau Jahn and Frau Elisabeth Kuhn her mother. Bro. Stewart did the baptizing and I confirmed Sister Jahn and Bro. Belnap confirmed Sister Kuhn.

February 27, 1910 (Sunday): (Frankfurt)

Our Sunday school started at 9:55 A.M. We had an increase in attendance of 14 over last Sunday. At 3 P.M. we held our afternoon meeting and the attendance was very good. Bro’s Kirkham, Stewart and I went to Frau Schüttler’s for supper. We met a Frau Schäfer there. She has read the Church History through and thinks that in her 67 years of life she has never found anything like it. Our evening meeting was also a great success. We had 37 friends preset. I spoke at first, then Bro. Belnap made his farewell speech.

February 28, 1910 (Monday): (Frankfurt, Offenbach, Frankfurt)

Bro. Kirkham called for me at 11 A.M. and we went out to Offenbach and visited the four families of members out there. We had a little trouble at Specht’s but otherwise they were all willing to join in with us in overcoming the disunity in the branch. On returning to Frankfurt Bro. K. and I bought in for dinner. I spent the rest of the afternoon writing letters. Bro. K and I visited and ate supper with Bro. and Sister Hagelstange this evening. The sister is quite sick and we administered to her.

March 1, 1910 (Tuesday): (Frankfurt)

I worked all the morning at home writing. At 12:30 P.M. I met Bro. Kirkham at Krischbaum’s. While we were eating Bro. Humbert came, called me out and told me that the police had been after him about the elders again. They now have my name and want to get hold of me. Sister Krischbaum let her feelings get away from her and said some very harsh things and I told her the truth quite pointedly which hurt her feelings. Bro. Kirkham and I visited Frau Schüttler this afternoon and met Bro. Belnap there. We tried to visit Sister Waisensel, but she wasn’t home. I spent the evening at home.

March 2, 1910 (Wednesday): (Frankfurt, Darmstadt, Frankfurt)

I left the room early this morning and took a pair of shoes over to Bro. Farr’s to be mended. I then made some more errands and met Bro. Kirkham at the Haupt Wache at 10:45 A.M. He told me that he and Bro. Belnap visited the police and that the police were after me. I shortly after met Bro. Belnap and we took a cab and went to the Dresdner bank and I withdrew my money, then to the depot and I went over to Darmstadt. I went up to Bro. Shepherd’s room and had him shave my beard and mustache off, then got his cap and over coat and came back to Frankfort this evening.

March 3, 1910 (Thursday): (Frankfurt, Gusen)

I left for Gusen at 8:50 A.M. While there I visited Herrn Köhler who’s wife’s brother belongs to the church. They were very pleased to see me and invited me to spend the day with them, which I did. I had the opportunity to talk to two of their friends about the gospel. I intended to go to Herborn but they insisted that I stay the night over with them.

March 4, 1910 (Friday): (Gusen, Herborn, Frankfurt)

I left for Herborn at 10:10 A.M. After getting there I tried to find Herrn Frewison, but after hunting around about two hours found that he had left the country. I then hunted for Herrn Wissenbach and after a lot of trouble found him. Although he had been a very good friend to the Gospel he received me very coldly, and when I asked if he knew where Herr Frewison is, he became very angry, but seeing that I didn’t know anything about the matter he told me that Herr Frewison’s wife was a member of the Church and had preached the gospel to him and his wife and they thought that she was piety itself, but through the friendship she had gained she betrayed his confidence by being a party in robbing him of money and things from his household and store to the amount of several hundred Marks. She secured her sister a position as “dienst Mädchen” in his family and the girl stole almost every thing she could lay her hands on and took the stuff to this member of ours. On my way to Herborn I visited Wetzler, a very picturesque town on the Dahn. Gothe lived there at one time. I returned to Frankfurt late this evening.

March 5, 1910 (Saturday): (Frankfurt)

I spent the entire day at home writing. I felt that it would be better to do this than run a chance of attracting attention. Bro. Kirkham baptized Frau Schüttler this evening. I wasn’t present.

March 6, 1910 (Sunday): (Frankfurt)

On account of feeling that it would be unwise to visit the meeting either in Frankfurt or Darmstadt. I decided to stay home. I remained home until 5 P.M. writing letters then went to town and took a walk around then went to the Salzhaus for supper. The Kronpring is in town and I waited to see him, but we was so long coming that I got tired and left.

March 7, 1910 (Monday): (Frankfurt, Hanau, Frankfurt)

This forenoon as I was going down stairs to get a bucket of coal I met Sister Austel on the stairs but she didn’t know me, so to avoid her learning of my presence here I left the bucket in the cellar and went and took a bath. This afternoon I went to Hanau to get the garments I left there to be cut but they weren’t ready. I visited Eck’s. I received a letter from Pres. McKay and he informs me that the conference presidents will meet in Leipzig in two weeks or in Zurich in three. I instructed Bro. Flamm to go down to Mannheim to take up his labors. [The picture below is labeled "Distels" in Frankfurt. Ed stayed at the Distels home.]

March 8, 1910 (Wednesday): (Frankfurt)

Bro. Kirkham came over this morning and waited and ate dinner here. We then visited Sister Kätchen Umhauer in the “Städtische Krauken Haus.” Sister Paula Risch was here this evening and I took a picture of the bunch.  [The following pictures of Ed and Ed Kirkham are labeled "City Hospital" in Frankfurt and with this date. Perhaps Sister Umhauer or Risch were nurses.]

March 9, 1910 (Wednesday): (Frankfurt)

I remained at home and printed pictures and wrote all day.

March 10, 1910 (Thursday): (Frankfurt)

I remained in the room and did a bunch of letter writing. This evening went to Lohengrin in the Opera House.

March 11, 1910 (Friday): (Frankfurt)

I spent the day in writing and packing up my trunk. This evening I visited Bro. Borchardt and had supper there.

March 12th, 1910 (Saturday): (Frankfurt)

I did some writing this forenoon then went to Sister Krischbaum’s for dinner. I also visited Sister Schüttler and drank chocolate with her. [The picture below is labeled "Lena Krischbaum, Sister Schuttler and her niece"]
All the boys met at the swimbath at 5 P.M. Bros. Smith Stewart and I went to the Rothschild Library and Bros. Owens and Thompson went to Borchardt’s for supper. We all met at 7:30 P.M. and went to Salzhaus and got a room and had a dandy supper on Bro. Belnap and me. [The picture below is labeled "Farewell Supper".]
March 13th, 1910 (Sunday): (Frankfurt, Darmstadt)

I came over to Darmstadt at noon today and went direct to the hall. I talked in meeting and this evening we held an extra meeting and I took up most of the time. We went to Bro. Weickert’s to Coffee.

March 14, 1910 (Monday): (Darmstadt, Michelstadt)

Bro. Shepherd and I went out to Michelstadt and visited Sister Grünewald today. We also visited Bro. Büchler.

March 15, 1910 (Tuesday): (Darmstadt, Frankfurt)

I received a telegram from Lou Peery that he was in Frankfort, so after going over to Bro. Laug’s with Bro. Schick to dinner, I left for Frankfort and Lou met me at the depot. I went out to the room and got things straightened up a little then we went to supper and then went to hear the opera Taska in the opera house.

March 16, 1910 (Wednesday): (Frankfort, Erfurt)

I received a telegram late last night from Bro. R.C. Naylor that he would arrive this morning at 5.32 so I went to the depot, but he didn’t come so I went back home and turned the books and things over to Bro. Owen’s and left word for Bro. Naylor to meet Lou Peery and me in Weimar the next day. We left for Erfurt at 8:45 A.M. Elders Wilcox and Gardner met us at the depot. We went up to Louisinstr 18 and left our things then went out to see a little of the town. At 6 P.M. we met the elders at the home of one of the sisters and had supper there. Pres. McKay came shortly after six. We held meeting at 8 P.M. and had quite a few people present. They are still in the same old “Lo kal” they had when I was down to visit Lou Peery over a year ago.

March 17, 1910 (Thursday): (Erfurt, Weimar)

Lou and I met Charley West at the depot this morning, he went over to Eisenach to meet his sister and Lou and I went to Weimar. [Below, Ed and Lou Peery in Erfurt.]
We took our things to a hotel then went down town. I went through the Goethe House, then we went to a restraunt for dinner. [Below, Lou Peery in front of the Goethe-Schiller Monument in Weimar.]
We met Bro. Naylor at the depot at 3.43 and the three of us went out and took a walk. We met Chas. West and his sister Mrs. Evans at the depot at about 6 o. clock. We saw “Die Rabensteinerin” in the Hof Theatre this evening.

March 18, 1910 (Friday): (Erfurt, Leipzig)

We came over to Leipzig at noon and went to the “Stadt Rom” Hotel. At 2 P.M. our priesthood meeting of conference presidents meet in the hall on Bruderstrasse. The meeting adjourned at about 5.30 P.M. and we re-assembled at 7.30 P.M. The meeting lasted until about 9.30.

March 19, 1910 (Saturday): (Leipzig)

We held another priesthood meeting at 9.30 A.M. which lasted until noon when we adjourned to meet at the Victoria photograph studio at 2 P.M. We had three group pictures taken. One with the Conf. Presidents, one with all on it and one with just the missionaries of the Leipzig Conference. We convened again at 3 P.M. in meeting. The meeting dismissed at 5.30 P.M. and at 7 P.M. we met in a room at the Panorama restraunt and had a banquet. We spent a very enjoyable evening there. We had various musical numbers and toasts from about 14 of those present. We have spent the most enjoyable time at our conference and have felt the good influence which such an occasion always brings. Bro. Peery will take my place as pres. of the Frankfort Conference. Bros. Burton, Felt and Gardner received their release.

March 20, 1910 (Sunday): (Leipzig)

Bros. Peery, Naylor and Wright left Leipzig at about noon today. This after-noon at about 3 P.M. I met Pres. McKay at his hotel and we went to meeting. I was called on to speak. Don Young and I went to the “Veg” after meeting. We held another meeting at 8 P.M. There was a criminal police in the meeting and we all had to promise to appear. [Below, the People's War Monument in Leipzig with Orsen Douglas and Don Young in front of it.]
[Below, Don Young, Orsen Douglas and Ed where Napolean stood at the Battle of Leipzig.]
March 21, 1910 (Monday): (Leipzig, Bernburg)

Seventeen of us elders including pres. McKay went to the police headquarters in the Wachterstr at 9 A.M. Pres. McKay was taken to some official’s office to have a private consultation with him and we elders were directed into another room where we were questioned regarding our places of residence. They treated us all very civilly and did nothing of a disagreeable nature. I went out to the “Volkerschlacht Denkmal” with Douglass and Don Young. Bro. Preston and I went to Sister Marie Hiller’s for dinner. I left for Bernburg at 4.06 P.M. Pres. McKay and Bro. Gardner overtook me at Cothen and we all rode from there to Bernburg together. We held a very good meeting in the Hohenzollern hall, there was a good turnout.

March 22, 1910 (Tuesday): (Bernburg, Dessau, Leipzig)

I slept with Bro. Brockbank last night. This morning we were all invited to Herrn Braune’s, a well to do gentleman’s to breakfast. He has been in America five times and is acquainted with some of our prominent business men in Salt Lake and Ogden. I visited Appels’ for a while this morning, then went over to Schlote’s to dinner. I also visited Frau Eisfeldt. Pres. McKay and I left for Dessau at 1.45 and were met at the depot by Bros Millett and Michaelis. We to a walk around to see the town then I went and payed Sisters Liebenow and Wiechmann a visit. I left Dessau at 7.29 P.M. for Nurenberg by way of Leipzig.

March 23, 1910 (Wednesday): (Leipzig, Nurenberg)

I left Leipzig from the Thuringer Bhl at 10.13 P.M. and arrived in Nurenberg at 4 A.M. I went to the Grand Hotel and got a room and slept until about 9.30 then went over to Bro. Hansen’s room and met him and his wife. He took me out to where Elders Hill and Gaily were eating dinner “bei” Saints and left me there with them. After dinner we met Bros. Moser and Thorp and Bro. Moser and I went out to look at some of the “Schenswurdig=kerten.” We visited the very interesting collection of instruments of torture in the old castle then went to the deep well in which it takes six seconds for water to drop from the top to the bottom, then we went through the old “Rath Haus” and in to some of the old dungeons and torture rooms. Prisoners were not allowed to see daylight and to avoid the necessity of such a thing there was an underground passage built from the prison under the Rathhaus to the deep well which is by the castle. Bro. Moser and went thru this passage to the well, it takes about an hour to walk there and back. This evening I ate supper with Bro. and Sister Hansen then we went to meetings. There were about 50 friends present. Pres. McKay and Bro. Hansen wanted me to come down to Nurenberg then go to Munich to preach to sort of take Pres. McKay’s place as he had to go to Holland on mission business.

March 24, 1910 (Thursday): (Nurenburg, Munich)

A Bro. (Alexander Schreiner’s Father) who owns an automobile took Bro. Moser an me for a ride this morning. [Below, Sister Hansen, Ed, Brother Hansen and the auto in Nurenburg.]
Elders Hill, Moser and I went to dinner so one of the saints then I left for Munich at 1:22 P.M. There were three American women in the compartment where I was and I had quite a talk with them. Bro. Clawson met me at the depot and we went to supper at a family of saints. We had a very good meeting this evening.

March 25, 1910 (Friday): (Munich)

Bro. Clawson and I went through a big art gallery this morning then we went to the palace and watched a number of seemingly important personages drive off in court carrages. We ate dinner at the “Veg” then went partly through the “Deutsches Museum.” This is a very interesting place, showing technical and mathamattical apparatus of almost every conceivable sort. We met the rest of the elders at the Swim bath at 5 P.M. and we all took a bath. After eating supper at the “Veg” I returned home.

March 26, 1910 (Saturday): (Munich)

I received a telegram from Merle Taylor this morning for me to go to Zurich but will be unable to leave until tomorrow. We held a priesthood meeting in the hall this fore-noon. After eating at the “Veg” Jack and I went through the National Museum. At 4 P.M. we came home and I wrote a letter home. This evening Jack and I visited a friend who intends to be baptized.

March 27, 1910 (Sunday): (Munich, Zurich)

We held Sunday School at 10 A.M. About 13 children were present. We took a walk after until meeting time. While we were out we met a Mr. Stubbs who is an American. He is in Munich on business. Our meeting this afternoon wasn’t as well visited as the meetings Thursday. I left for Zurich at 11:10 P.M. This afternoon after meeting we visited a family of Soviets and administered to a sick child. This evening we visited Mr & Mrs Wul. I caught the train at 11:10 P.M. for Zurich.

March 28, 1910 (Monday): (Zurich)

I arrived in Zurich at 6.41 A.M. and Hen Moyle met me at the depot. It was certainly a pleasure to get with Hen again. We took my things up to Hoschgasse then went out for a walk until breakfast and had a good talk about old times. I received a big bunch of mail – there was a letter from Luella and one from Helen. I met Merle Taylor at the office and we went over to the Hotel and met his Aunt and Mina his sister and also his cousin Bessie Taylor. We all ate dinner together then went up to Hoeschgasse and the girls made fudge. In the early evening we took a walk then went to the opera. It was caveliera Rusticana and Paglacci. Paglacci was fine, the tenor being one of the best I have heard.

March 29, 1910 (Tuesday): (Zurich, Basel, Neuchatel)

Hen came up to Hoschgasse this morning and we went down to the hotel and met the folks there. Merle left me earlier to go to the depot to get the tickets. We all went to the depot, Bros Parsons and Chamberlin and Hen coming to see us off – and left for Basel at 11:32 A. M. Lou Peery met us at the depot and we walked around town a bit then left for Neuchatel at 3:12 P.M. Upon arrival we got rooms at Hotel Terminus then went out to find Mrs. Tanner, but had quite a time doing so. We had Bro. Jared Russels address, but couldn’t find him home but after waiting a long while for him to come we saw a fellow crossing the street and spoke to him and it proved to be Bro. Nat Shepherd. He took us to Tanners where we spent the rest of the evening.

March 30, 1910 (Wednesday): (Neuchatel, Geneva)

We left Neuchatel this morning at 10.20 after having taken a little walk on the mountain. Miss Tanner and Bro. Shepherd were at the depot to see us off. We intended to leave the train at Lausanne and ride to Geneva on the boat but no one was at the depot to meet us so we rode right on over to Geneva with the same train. We went to the Schweizer Hof and got rooms. We visited Mrs. Toronto for a while. During the after noon we visited the Alabama room in the Hotel de Ville and also the Cathedral. This evening we went to the opera, but it was very light and also in French so we left before it was out. [Below, Mrs. Taylor, Ed, Mina Taylor and Bess Taylor in Geneva.]

March 31, 1910 (Thursday): (Geneva, Lausanne)

Bro. Toronto and Bro. Turner came to the depot to see us off this morning. We intended to go to Lausanne per boat but there was such a wind that the boats didn’t run. Bro. Gudmunsen met us at the depot in Lausanne and we took our things to the Hotel de Major Daves. After dinner C.S. McAlister and Bro. Gudmunsen came to the Hotel and we all went out to the university, then to the Cathedral. Later in the afternoon we visited Mrs. Naylor and had a very good time there. This evening after supper we went to the casino to hear the orchestra. [Below, the Supreme Court in Lausanne.]

April 1, 1910 (Friday): (Lausanne, Montreaux, Bern)

This morning as we went down to the quay to leave for Montreaux we met Mrs. Naylor and the children and she made the trip with us. In Montreaux we visited the Castle of Chillon. [Below, the Castle of Chillon.]

[Below, Ed and Jack Naylor at the Castle of Chillon.]
We returned to Lausanne in the afternoon then went over to Mrs. Naylor’s for a while. We caught the train for Bern at 6.30 P.M. Bro. Baer met us at the train and we went to the Hotel Metropol. Bro. Busby was also with Bro. Baer. The weather was quite bad yesterday and to day.

April 2, 1910 (Saturday): (Bern, Interlaken)

Bros. Baer and Busby called for us this morning and we visited the Baers’ “Graben” then went over to the Cathedral. There happened to be a wedding on so we waited and attended the ceremony. [Picture labeled "Merle T., Mina T., Joe Baer, Ed C., Bess T., Alvin Beesley - Berne"]
We left Bern at 1.50 P.M. and rode in the train as far as Scherslingen where we took the boat for Interlaken. Lou Peery met us and I’ve got rooms at the Berner Hof. We went out walking and took some pictures of the “Jungfrau.” We have a had a beautiful day. The trip over the “Thurner See” was simply great. The sunset glow on the “Jungfrau” was very beautiful. Lou, Merle and I went to the “splendid Hotel Adler Hof” and spent the evening. [Picture labeled "Merle Taylor, Mina Taylor, Bess Taylor on Lake Haun]
[Picture labeled "View of the Jungfrau from Interlaken"]
[Picture labeled "Interlaken - Mrs. Taylor, Bess T., Mina T., Merle T., Lou Peery]
April 3, 1910 (Sunday): (Interlaken)

We walked up to “Heimweh Fluh” this morning. From there we got a good view of the Brenzer and Thumer Lakes. I wrote letters and cards this afternoon. Lou, Merle and I took a walk this evening.

April 4, 1910 (Monday): (Interlaken)

At 8.06 A.M. we left for Lauterbrunnen. While up there we saw the “Staubbach” and “Trummel Bach.” We spent the afternoon at the hotel. Also the evening. [Picture labeled "Trummel Bach by Lauterbrunnen - Switzerland"]
April 5, 1910 (Tuesday): (Interlaken, Lucerne)

We left Interlaken on the train leaving at 8.09 A.M. and rode over to where we took the boat to Brienz. The weather wasn’t very good so the ride wasn’t as enjoyable as the one over the “Thunder See.” From Brienz we took a cog wheel road over the mountain (stopped at Mairingen & visited “arah volkuchi”) to Lucerne arriving there about 4 P.M. This was also a very interesting ride. In Lucerne we went to the Hotel Central. We took a walk this evening. [The picture below was labeled "Falls in Arre Schucht"]
April 6, 1910 (Wednesday): (Lucerne)

We caught the boat at 9.50 A.M. and rode on lake Lucerne to the end of the longest branch to Fuelen from there we walked throu the Axenstrasse to Tell’s Platte, where we took the boat back to Lucerne. [Picture labeled "Climbing the Alps - Lou Peery, EQC, Merle Taylor"]
We spent the evening in the Hotel. The walk through the Axenstrasse was simply great.

April 7, 1910 (Thursday): (Lucerne, Zurich)

A number of missionaries looked us up at the hotel this morning. It rained so hard that we didn’t go out to see anything today. (We visited the Lion of Lucerne today). Lou Peery and I left for Zurich at 4.07 P.M. Upon arrival Bro. Homer brought me up to Henry Moyle’s room and I waited there for him then we went to the depot and met Miss Crawford, Miss Nielson and Miss Hazel Barnes, who arrived from Paris at 7.59 P.M.

April 8, 1910 (Friday): (Zurich)

Our priesthood meeting started at 10 A.M. The elders of the French Conference gave their reports. The after-noon meeting started at 3 P.M. when the Bern elders reported. Bro. Peery and I had a talk with Pres. McKay this evening.

April 9, 1910 (Saturday): (Zurich)

The meeting started at 9.30 A.M at which time the Zurich Con. Elders reported. The visitors including Bros. Kirkham, Becraft, Matthews, Wright and Naylor from the Frankfort Conference reported this afternoon. There was really a noticeable contrast in the reports and in the way of reporting of our Frankfort boys and the others as a whole and the performance was certainly on our side. I went to the “Merry Wives of Windsor” this evening.

April 10, 1910 (Sunday): (Zurich)

Our big conference meeting started at 10 A.M. in a big hall, Zollickerstr. There were over 400 people present at the meeting. Bros. Rich, Peery, Schmutz, and Taylor spoke. At 2 P.M. we held our other meeting. There were over 700 present. Bro. Wm McKay started by speaking, I came next and then Bros. Boede, West and Pres. McKay spoke. I ate supper at the white cross and went with Bro. Roy Chamberlin this evening.

April 11, 1910 (Monday): (Zurich)

We had another priesthood meeting this morning at 9.30. The office force gave their reports then we adjourned for this time. At 1.30 P.M. all the missionaries met at the Theatre and our pictures were taken. At 2.00 P.M. we left for a steam boat ride. The trip took us up to the other end of the lake to some island there where we held a sort of a tract meet. We certainly had a splendid time on the trip. There was a banquet held this evening in a big restraunt and that was another success.

April 12, 1910 (Tuesday): (Zurich)

I did some shopping this morning. This afternoon I went out with Bro. Parsons while he arranged for some tickets for the trip he and some of the fellows are taking. I spent the evening with Pres. McKay at Hoschgasse.

April 13, 1910 (Wednesday): (Zurich)

I expected that Taylors would leave this morning but they decided to wait and go over to Munich to morrow evening with Pres. McKay. I went out walking with Hazel Barnes this afternoon. We took a boat ride on the lake. This evening Merle Taylor, Miss Crawford, Roy Chamberlin, Miss Nielson, Frank Parsons, Bess Taylor, Mel Naylor, Mina Taylor, Hazel Barnes and I hired a launch and took a ride on the lake. It certainly was a beautiful sight to see the city and surrounding country clothed with lights.

April 14, 1910 (Thursday): (Zurich)

I went to the depot at 8.30 A.M. and saw the Taylors and Pres. McKay off. [Picture labeled "Zurich Depot"]
I then took my things up to Hoschgasse and went out and bought some concert tickets for to-morrow night and some theatre tickets for to-night. This after-noon I went out walking with Bros. Chamberlin, Wright and Brimhall. [Picture labeled "Roy Chamberlin, Ed C., Clix Wright"]
[Picture labeled "Ed Cannon, Clix Wright, Roy Chamberlin"]
[Picture labeled "In Park at Zurich"]
This evening we went to hear Tannhauser.

April 15, 1910 (Friday): (Zurich)

I spent the fore-noon at the office writing. This afternoon Roy Chamberlin and went out to visit the Bank. This evening Will McKay, Roy Chamberlin, Bro. Browning, Clix Wright, Hen Moyle and I went to hear Eugene Yeaye and Raoul Pugno. Yeaye is a violinist and Pugno a pianist.

April 16, 1910 (Saturday): (Zurich, Munich)

Clix and I left Zurich at 10.48 A.M. for Munchen. We crossed Lake Constance from Romanshorn to Lindau. Jack Clawson met us at the depot and we came over to his room. We ate at the Veg.

April 17, 1910 (Sunday): (Munich)

Jack and I went out to “round up” some friends for meeting. We got to Sunday school just as it was letting out. At meeting in the after-noon Clarence Wright, Bro. Bennson and I took up the time. At 7.30 P.M. Jack and I went and visited Mr. and Mrs. Weil and spent the evening there. We came over to the depot at 10 P.M. to see Bro. Benson off and while there met Miss Barnes, Miss Crawford, Miss Nielson and Mr. Hedger who had just arrived from Heidelberg. We took them to a pension. [The picture below is labeled "Ed Cannon, Clix Wright, Joe Taylor, Jack Clawson"]
April 18, 1910 (Monday): (Munich)

Clarence and I went to the Hotel and got the girls and Mr. Heger to the old Pinakesede In the after-noon Jack Clawson, Joe Taylor and I took a bath. After supper at the Veg, we went to the “Geschiedenl Frau”

April 19, 1910 (Tuesday): (Munich)

I met Hedger and the girls at 10.30 A.M. and we out to the “Maximillianium” and went through it. We ate dinner at the Veg. The girls think it quite an adventure to eat at such a place. After dinner we went through the Howen Brauhaus and this evening to see the Opera Margarethe (Faust). It was very good. Miss Barnes and the girls knocked it as usual. After the show we went to the Rathskeller for supper.

April 20, 1910 (Wednesday): (Munich, Salzburg)

Clarence W[right] and I left for Salzburg this morning after saying good bye to the girls. In Salzburg we visited the Hohen Salzburg and from there got a dandy view of the surrounding country. This town is very beautifully situated and very interesting on account of its age and historical importance.