Monday, May 15, 2023

Guira Tanager

The guira tanager is found in large portions of the upper two-thirds of South America and particularly large portions of Brazil. 
Guira Tanager range from Wikipedia.
The female, which I saw only one of at Tinamu Reserve in Colombia, is light green over most of its head and upperparts, except some black in itgs wings, has an orangish bill and a light blue-gray patch on its hindquarters. 

The male, which I did not see, is much more striking looking: it has light green over much of its upperparts, a black face, chin and throat with a yellow rim around it, a yellowish-orange breast and patch on its hindquarters, and the same light blue-gray patch on its hindquarters that the female has. 

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  1. I'm surprised there is a green tanager. I think of them in the yellow to red range.