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Index - Food

Ackee, and salted cod  
Alaskan king crab, antipasto 
Alaskan king crab, avocado, butter and mayonnaise 
Alaskan king crab, salad
Artichoke, grilled with basil-garlic mayonnaise (King's Fish House)Artichoke, marinated and grilled (DS Louise)
Avocado, Hass - guacamole
Banana, burro
Banana, Manzanos
Banana, red
Banana Flower
Bird's nest, rock sugar dessert
Bitter Melon
Blini, RussianBorscht, cold beet soup (Au Cinquieme Peche)
Bread, feta and spinach-stuffed
Bread, Tajik non 
Brussels sprouts, cooked in bacon (Ford's Filling Station)
Cactus, edible fruits
Cactus, Organ Pipe fruit
Cactus, Prickly Pear cookies  
Cactus, Saguaro fruit
Carrots, cooked in bacon (Ford's Filling Station)
Cassava or yuca
Caviar, beluga 
Celeriac or celery root
Celeriac, in mashed potatoes
Chocolate, Norman Love Black ChocolatesChocolate, Norman Love Chocolate Assortment
Clams, garlic baked (Brophy Bros.)
Clams, little neck - baked in Zatarain's crab boil 
Clams, quahog or hard clam - stuffed (Joe's Stone Crab)
Clams, razor, marinated (FIG)
Clam, red or surf or Stimpson's nigiri (hokkigai)
Clams, softshell or longnecks (Dan's Clam Stand)
Clams, steamed (Brophy Bros.)
Crab, Soft-Shell - fried (Tokyo)
Crab, Soft-Shell - fried (Penang)
Crab, stone (Joe's Stone Crab)
Crayfish, with lobster cream sauce in pastry (Emerald Princess)
Cuttlefish, bakedCuttlefish, dried - grilled 
Dragon Fruit or Red Pitaya
Dragon Fruit, Red
Dungeness crab
Eel, charcoal broiled 
Eggplant, Asian
Eggplant, baba ghanoush
Eggplant, Chinese
Eggplant, Filipino
Eggplant, grilled with pesto and feta cheese
Eggs, Chinese Tea Leaf
Eggs, Quail
Fennel, candied (Hen of the Wood)
Fennel, Florence
Fish: blue - grilled
Fish: Chilean sea - chili in banana leaf (Penang)
Fish: bass, sea - grilled (Beyaz Balik)
Fish: bass, striped sea - crab stuffed (Olde Pink House)
Fish: bass, striped sea - curry with okra and eggplant (Penang)
Fish: cod, red rock - grilled
Fish: cod, salted with ackee (Island Breeze)
Fish: cod, salt - boiled
Fish: flounder, crispy with apricot sauce (Olde Pink House)
Fish: herring, Baltic, smoked  (Fish & Wine)
Fish: herring, cobbler's salmon (Timbaali)
Fish: herring, juniper berry marinated (Timbaali)
Fish: herring, mustard marinated (Timbaali)
Fish: herring, white - wrapped in onion (Schiffergesellschaft)
Fish: herring, whole smoked
Fish: lumpfish, roe
Fish: mackerel, in oil
Fish: mackerel, smoked pepper (Schiffergesellschaft)
Fish: mahi-mahi or dorado (Fish & Wine)
Fish: milkfish, smoked, deboned and grilled
Fish: monkfish
Fish: moonfish, Atlantic - grilled
Fish: pike-perch  (Fish & Wine)
Fish: red snapper - cubed and fried as kabobs
Fish: red snapper - grilled whole with creole sauce (Dhat Island)
Fish: salmon, cause - purple and yellow
Fish: salmon, collar (sake kama)
Fish: salmon, cream soup (Schiffergesellschaft)
Fish: salmon, creamy soup (Timbaali)
Fish: salmon, cured (DS Louise)
Fish: salmon, pickled (Schiffergesellschaft)
Fish: salmon, roe
Fish: salmon, smoked  (Fish & Wine)
Fish: salmon, sockeye
Fish: sea trout, fried salted
Fish: shark fin, soup
Fish: silver snapper, grilled (Athens)
Fish, skate, wing
Fish, sole, tempura bones and flesh in vegetables (Lotus Garden)
Fish: sprat or brisling - tomato marinated (Timbaali)
Fish: sturgeon, beluga caviar or roe
Fish: trout, rainbow - baked
Fish: trout, rainbow - fried
Fish: trout, white - deep fried (Merkato Ethiopian)
Fish: tuna - fatty sashimi
Fish: tuna, blue fin - filet and belly meat barbecued
Fish: tuna, blue fin - grilled toro or fatty tuna
Fish: tuna - market to sushi bar (Tsukiji Fish Market)
Fish: tuna, seared (DS Louise)
Fish: whitefish, roe on hardboiled egg (Timbaali)
Fish: yellowtail, collar (hamachi kama)
Florence fennel
Freeze-Dried, taste testing 
Garlic, elephant - grilledHead cheese (pig) Hedgehog Cactus, fruit 
Hot Dog, bacon wrapped with onions, etc.
Horned Melon
HummusJackfruit Jerusalem artichoke
Kale, cooked in bacon (Ford's Filling Station)
Kale, cooked with venison (Incanto)
King Topshell, stir fry  Kiwifruit
Kohlrabi - in mashed potatoes
Lemon, MeyerLobster, boiledLobster, boiled in Zatarain's crab boil 
Lime, Finger
Lime, Kaffir
Lobster, in sauce with ginger and scallions 
Lobster, Maine - steamed (Barking Crab)
Lobster, roe (King's Fish House)
Lobster, rolls
Lobster, tomalley (King's Fish House)
Lotus Root
Mango, Ataulfo
Mango, Kent
Maple Syrup
Melon, Hami 
Mushrooms: black chanterelles (Au Cinquieme Peche); New Brunswick 
Mushrooms: blue foot
Mushrooms: chanterelle, king oyster & maitake
Mushrooms: chanterell - New Brunswick  
Mushrooms: hawk wing
Mushrooms: hen of the wood (Hen of the Wood - restaurant)
Mushrooms: hen of the woods  (fresh)
Mushrooms: king bolete
Mushrooms: king trumpet  (wild picked)
Mushrooms: lobster (Au Cinquieme Peche); New Brunswick 
Mushrooms: monkey head
Mushrooms: morel  (dried)
Mushroom: morel  (fresh)
Mushrooms: portobello, shiitake & crimini
Mushroom: portobello fries (Bottega Louie)
Mushrooms: wood ear & oyster 
Mussels, New Zealand Green-Lipped 
Mussels, steamed 
Mussels, steamed (Brophy Bros.)
Nilgai, antelope shoulder roast
Octopus - barbecued (Haejangchon Dolgooi)
Octopus, causa
Octopus, dried - grilled 
Octopus, grilled in olive oil  (Psaras Fish Taverna)
Octopus, grilled (Bottega Louie)
Octopus, in oil, brine and olives (Munich Airport)
Olives, home made
Orange, bergamot
Orange, blood, juiced
Orange, blood, juiced and whole  
Orange, cara cara navel
Orange, mandarin
Orange, navel
Oysters, fried (Hen of the Wood)Oysters, raw 
Oysters, on the half shell (Brophy Bros.)
Oysters, Rockefeller (Brophy Bros.)
Oyster, varieties
Papaya, Maradol
Papaya, Strawberry Sunrise
Papaya, Vista Solo
Passion Fruit
Pear, Asian or Nashi
Pear, Bartlett
Pear, Bosc
Pear, Comice
Pear, D'Anjou
Pear, Forelle
Pear, Fragrant
Pear, Korean
Pear, Red Bartlett
Pear, Red D'Anjou
Pear, Ya
Pickles, sourPlantain, friedPlantain, green boiled (Island Breeze Jamaican)
Plantain, green fried (Dhat Island)
Potato, Peruvian Purple - mashed
Pummelo or pomelo
Raisins, Turpan
RutabagaSand eel or sand lance
Sandwich, Chopped Cheese (The Bronx)  
Sapote, black
Sapote, white
Sauerkraut, home made 
Sausage, Russian
Schnitzel (Schiffergesellschaft)
Sea Dragon, boiled and fried
Sea Horse, boiled and fried
Sea Urchin (uni) 
Shallot, Jersey or pinkShopska Salad
Shrimp, boiled in Zatarain's crab boil
Shrimp, dried in scrambled eggs
Shrimp and scrambled eggs 
Snails, escargot Roquefort (Le Rendez-vous)
Snow Crab, pate  (Emerald Princess)
Squab, roasted
Squid - barbecued (Haejangchon Dolgooi)
Squid - dried, fried and grilled
Starfruit - (with honey and maple syrup)
Sweet Potato
Sweet Potato, Jewel yam
Sweet Potato, Kotobuki
Sweet Potato, Nancy Hall
Sweet Potato, Okinawa purple potato
Tangelo, Minneola
Tomatillo, salsa
Tomato, green fried (The Floridian)
Tomato, green fried (Hominy Grill)
Tomato, green fried (Olde Pink House)
Turkish Delight Turnip
Vegetables, pickled
WhelkWhite Sapote
Yam, Jewel (sweet potato) Yam, Purple (sweet potato)
Yam, Purple (Okinawa sweet potato), baked

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