Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Athens Meat and Fish Market

While in Athens, Greece, I asked our guide, Makis, to take us to a local meat and fish market. I love walking through the markets to see what types of foods are on display and how they display them. Below, rabbit, with tail, feet and head left on so that there is no question what type of animal it came from.
One of a number of chicken stalls, with whole chicken, livers, hearts and other pieces segregated into piles.
The Greeks love their lamb, which appeared to me to be the dominant type of meat served. That held true at the meat market. I love lamb which is part of the reason I love Greek cuisine.
More lamb.
And more lamb.
And even more lamb. I hope it is like this in heaven.
The best display in the market. Fish and shrimp arranged along with orange slices, greens and peppers.
An unknown type of fish.
Red snapper and what must be silver snapper, the type of fish I ate for lunch the day before at an Athens restaurant.
The fish toward the front look like mackeral.
Some type of squid.
A smaller, redder, squid.
Octopus. We had some grilled octopus the night before which was quite good.
I was hoping for something a bit more wild, but it was still very fun.


  1. Does this lamb look like the graduation lamb?

  2. The graduation lamb got cut into big pieces as we went along, so we never had the sense of one big piece of flesh like those lambs hanging there. However, the rib cage is very distinctive and my favorite part of the lamb. I wish lamb was more popular in the U.S.

  3. Wild? Like a bunny with his furry little tail still on? Sniff.