Saturday, February 19, 2011

Grilled Atlantic Moonfish

I purchased an Atlantic Moonfish at Island Pacific Seafood Market in Koreatown last Saturday because it looked so weird and inedible. 
It looked like a large version of an angel fish found in small aquariums and, in fact, they are used in large aquariums because of their iridescent coloration. 
It was so thin and solid that it looked like there could hardly be anything inside it. It really looked more suitable for cooking as a pancake. Unfortunately, I did not take a head-on picture. The Atlantic moonfish is a fish in the jack family and is found in the Western Atlantic from Novia Scotia south through most of the West Indies, along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico and South America to Argentina. It was very difficult to cut into and clean and it was full of bones, but it cooked well on the outdoor gas grill. The meat is quite dark and has a strong flavor. It has lots of bones, but they are large and easy to separate out. 
It was not my favorite, too fishy and too strong, but I'm sure with more experience with it the taste would grow on me. 

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