Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Patrikomas's Tavern: Delphi, Greece

After visiting the archaeological site of Delphi, our guide Makis took us a short distance to the modern town of Delphi to a wonderful restaurant perched on a hill. I learned from a comment on the blog that the name of the restaurant is Patrikomas's Tavern. 
Off in the distance was the Gulf of Corinth and we were seated under a large tree with a beautiful leaf canopy and a nice breeze.
Makris basically told us what to get. A Greek salad which is large enough to share, some fried cheese and lamb chops. We really enjoyed the Greek salads and they are quite a bit different from those we get at home.
There is no lettuce. They put in big chunks of cucumber and tomato, smaller chunks of red onion, a few kalamata olives, a large unbroken slab of feta cheese and a healthy dose of salad seasoning. The dressing is olive oil with lemon and perhaps some garlic. You break off as big a piece of feta as you want with each bite. Next we had fried cheese.
It was pretty ordinary. Then the prize: lamb chops.
The lamb was cooked a little more than I normally like it, but it was very lamby and tasty. A strip of fat going down the rib was particularly good. It was a little crunchy and very tasty. It was accompanied by french fries fried in olive oil and they were also fantastic. They have a completely different taste. Finally, it also came with a large red pepper which was fairly sweet. Very different from any pepper I've eaten before. I quite liked it. This was a perfect meal. A beautiful setting with a beautiful view and incredible food.