Thursday, July 22, 2010

Restaurant: Athens, Greece

Our guide, Makis, took us to a wonderful restaurant for lunch in Athens. Compared to other food we ate in Athens, it was relatively cheap and it was very good. The sign, in Greek, is below.
We had some fish cooked in olive oil, like everything else Greek, which Makis called silver snapper.
It was not as good as some of the other fish we had on the trip, but it was good.
We had a Greek salad, which like all other Greek salads we had, included slabs of feta cheese, cucumber, tomato, salad seasoning and olive oil - no lettuce. This one also included large chunks of red onion which I enjoyed.
Judy had a dish which was beef and zucchini. Zucchini was in season and we had it on several occasions.
Judy also got a large pepper stuffed with rice. It was not a spicy pepper, like a similar dish we had in Lima, Peru, but it was very good. I am not normally a big rice fan, but I really liked this rice. It was very moist and had lots of mix-ins.
I also had a pepper stuffed with cheese. The pepper had some spice to it and Judy particularly liked it. I would have liked it with a spicier cheese. It also came with a couple of potatoes which tasted particularly great on this occasion.
Finally, Makis ordered some watermelon for dessert and sent it to our table.
It was cold and very, very good on a hot day. I love Greek food with its emphasis on fresh vegetables, olive oil and cheese. Now that we are home, we find ourselves eating lots of Greek-type food. I think it was our favorite cuisine of the trip.

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