Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Diamond Palace Chinese Seafood

I went with Wing Lau for lunch today at a wonderful Chinese restaurant in Diamond Bar: Diamond Palace Chinese Seafood located at 225 South Gentle Springs Lane, Diamond Bar, CA 91765 (phone: 909-860-6339).
I have been with him to this restaurant a number of times previously and I have taken my family there several times, but it has been a number of years since I was last there. The food is very good and it is relatively cheap. I don't have a copy of the menu and I don't find it on-line so the descriptions are mine. We were given egg drop soup, probably my favorite oriental soup.
They put bacon in theirs, an item I don't recall being put in at other restaurants. We ordered lobster cooked with scallions and ginger
and the lobster was cooked perfectly. I recently had some lobster at a Mexican restaurant and I find that they way overcook it. I generally don't crave lobster, because it is usually cooked so poorly, but this lobster was moist and flavorful and when it is like this, it is a wonderful item.
We had squab (baby pigeon), a very dark meat,
complete with head
and arranged as though it was flying.
I don't find the squab to be particularly great, it is mainly a novelty dish for me. It was relatively moist, but not particularly flavorful. The Peking duck was wonderful. Rather than a crepe, like Lotus Garden, they serve it with dumplings
which I think I like better. One plate, with the outer skin, fat and scallions and hoison sauce,
was primarily for the dumplings. The other plate was the rest of the duck.
The duck was moist, fatty and flavorful. I do absolutely love Peking duck, one of my very favorite dishes. Wing also ordered shrimp and eggs with scallions
and a hot chilie sauce on the side. The egg was very moist and this is also one of my favorite Chinese dishes. Finally, we had a fried rice with various added ingredients. It was okay, not my favorite. I only ate a little of it. It was not particularly flavorable.
If Diamond Palace was nearby, I would eat there regularly. I love Chinese food and they do a great job and the prices are tough to beat.

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