Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Burro Banana

The burro banana, 
from Mexico, is shorter and more square 
than our normal Cavendish banana. 
It is popular in the Philippines, which makes sense since I bought mine at a Philippino store in Koreatown. It is ripe when the skin is yellow with black spots and the fruit is white or yellow and soft with some firmness in the center. 
I found the taste described as "tangy lemon-banana," "tangy lemon," and "mildly sweet to creamy sweet with lemon undertones." 
I found the skin to be thicker and more difficult to open and the fruit to be a little more crunchy, lighter and less sweet. I have eaten several of them but find nothing about them which I like more than the regular Cavendish banana and a number of things I like less about them, namely, the more crunchy texture and less sweet taste. 

1 comment:

  1. They just weren't ripe enough - you have to let them ripen more than a Cavendish. Wait until they're quite spotty and then they're sweet and soft.