Thursday, April 20, 2023

Common Tody Flycatcher

I was first introduced to the common tody flycatcher at Tinamu Reserve in Colombia when a Spanish speaking guide pointed to the nest and said the name in English. I looked at the nest briefly, then walked away, not seeing a bird. The next day I sat and watched the nest for several minutes while both male and female went back and forth to the nest, going in and out, presumably feeding their babies inside. They would circle the nest very quickly, then pop inside. I rattled off quite a few photos, trying to catch the birds and got a few shots that were okay. 
The nest with one of the birds standing on top of it. 

A closer look at the bird on top. 

A view of the head. 

It is a small bird with a big black head, shading to gray on the nape, then olive green on the rest of the upperparts; the tail is black with white tips, the wings are light black with two yellow wing bars and yellow edges to the feathers; the underparts are yellow and its eyes have yellow irises. 

It builds a pouch nest suspended from a tree branch with a visored side entrance. 

It is found from southern Mexico to northeastern Argentina, but not generally found in the Amazon Basin. 
Common tody flycatcher range - from Wikipedia

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