Thursday, April 6, 2023

Yellow-Headed Caracara

One of my favorite birds is the crested caracara. Something about the head and face of the bird reminds me of the likeness of Inspector Clouseau, Charlie Chaplin, or even Adolph Hitler. I think the dark cap reminds me of a hat or wig and the dark end of the bill reminds me of a moustache. 
So when I learned that the area in Colombia we were visiting has the yellow-headed caracara, I got excited to see one and it was pretty high on my wish list. 

We did see several, but all were while we traveled in a vehicle from Timanu Reserve to Montezuma Hill, our two birding spots. We saw none at either birding spot. Fortunately, I had our driver stop the car for one in a tree next to the side of the road and I got some photos. 
The yellow-headed caracara is found in Central America and the eastern seven-eighths of the northern three-fourths of South America. Unfortunately, it is not as intriguing as its cousin. Its most distinguishing feature is a brownish eye surrounded by yellow skin  next to a blue-gray bill. It also has a yellowish-white head and underparts, brown wings and tail and a brown upside down Nike logo through its eyes.  

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  1. Great photos. This beautiful bird almost made that awful drive worth it.