Monday, April 10, 2023

Crimson-Backed Tanager

The crimson-backed tanager, known as sangre de toro or blood of the bull in Panama, is a beautiful bird that I never got tired of seeing. I saw them quite a few times and I don't think I ever let an opportunity go to take a photo. We saw them at both Tinamu Reserve and Montezuma Rainforest Lodge. 
A female and male (below) at Montezuma Rainforest Lodge. 

One of my favorite series of photos in Colombia was when I caught a male standing next to a window on a vehicle at Tinamu staring at itself in the passenger-sideview mirror.  

It has a limited range: most of Panama, northern and western Colombia and the Maracaibo Basin in Venezuela. 
Crimson-backed tanager range - from Wikipedia.
The head and chest is maroon red, the lower back and lower parts are bright red, and the wings and tail are black. The females is duller with blackish underparts and the male has a silverish-white sheen on the lower bill. The head looks black in my photos, but is a dark dusky brown, tinged reddish.
Males (first two photos) and females (remaining photos) at Timanu Reserve. 

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  1. Stunning bird, hard to miss in a green tree! Also, the beak looks like steel.