Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Palm Tanager

I saw just a couple of palm tanagers in Ecuador last year and got just two photos. This year I saw more in Colombia at Tinamu Reserve. At first the palm tanager looks quite drab, but in the right light it is quite pretty.  
The palm tanager is grayish or blueish with glossed plumage with shades of olive, yellow, green and brown and similar in ways to the blue-gray tanager.  
It is found in Central America (Nicaragua and south) and about two thirds of the north of South America, less large portions of the western coast that grow wider as it goes south.

It is quite common and does not elicit much excitement from the birding community. 

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  1. He looks like he dipped his wings in something that took the green color off the ends. Or maybe he dipped them in chocolate.