Friday, April 21, 2023

Plain-Brown Wood Creeper

I saw several plain-brown woodcreepers at Tinamu Reserve, in the jungle forest on the sides of trees. 
Note the nape feathers forming a crest.
It is plain brown, above and below, unlike most other woodcreepers which have streaking. It can raise its crown feathers to make a slight crest. It has a narrow supercilium (a stripe that runs from the beak, above the eye toward the back of the head) and a buff stripe below the eye. 

It primarily eats ants and other insects and looks somewhat like a woodpecker how it stands on the side of a tree. It is found from Honduras to northern Argentina. 
Plain-brown woodcreeper range - from Wikipedia.

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  1. He seems to be a good example of "Woody Woodpecker" as he looks like the wood he pecks.