Monday, April 17, 2023

Saffron Finch

The saffron finch male is yellow with an orangish forehead and forecrown, with some having orange on the throat and face, the upperparts, including the wings, are slightly green with some patterning and the lowerparts have no pattern. The female, which I do not have a photo of, is less vibrant, and juveniles, which I do have a photo of, have a grayish head, light brown upperparts, a yellow breast-band, grayish lowerparts and pinkish legs and feet. 
A male with greenish back.

Orange crown

Less green on back and orange on throat.

There are three separate populations, one in northern Colombia and Venezuela, which I saw; one in Ecuador and Peru; and one in northeast Brazil to central Argentina. 

At Tinamu Reserve they threw feed out on the driveway in the morning which attracted many of them. We also saw some independently in the trees. 

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  1. "Saffron" is such a better description than "yellow." It implies a richness that yellow just doesn't have.