Sunday, April 5, 2020

Black Phoebe

The black phoebe, like the ash-throated flycather, is another of the more than 400 species of birds in the tyrant flycatcher family. It is mostly black with white on its belly (which forms an inverted "V" on the lower breast) and white on the undertail coverts. There are six subspecies. Sayornis nigricans semiatra is found in the southwestern U.S. and western Mexico. It has the most white on the belly of any subspecies and has pale edging on the wings and tail. It has a brown iris and black legs, feet and beak. 
Juveniles have browner plumage, cinnamon brown feather tips and brown wing-bars.  
This black phoebe appears to be a juvenile, with brown accents. 
This bird was seen in Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, in southern Arizona, on a post sticking out of the Quitobaquito Spring. 

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