Sunday, April 19, 2020

Sonny's BBQ - Starke, FL

In January 2018, having left Okefenokee NWR in Georgia, I was traveling down Hwy 301 toward Gainesville and saw Sonny's BBQ while driving through Starke, Florida. I ordered takeout so that I could sit in the car and eat. 
I got the Sonny's Sampler that included sliced brisket, sliced pork, sweet and smokey pork ribs and one-quarter of a chicken. 
The brisket was very lean and dry (not how I like brisket). In looking at the menu now I see that sliced brisket is lean and chopped brisket is marbled. I didn't have the option in the sampler, so the brisket was mediocre. 
The chicken was actually moist and cooked nicely. Chicken is what is usually over-cooked, so that was a nice surprise. 
The pork ribs were pretty good, better than at Daytona Pig Stand where I ate earlier on the trip.
The thinly sliced pork, which I got instead of pulled pork which I'm not particularly fond of, was very moist, fatty and wonderful. Another nice surprise. 
The muffin that came with it was dry and horrible. 
Overall it was nicer than my bbq at Daytona Pig Stand. I was thinking that Sonny's was a local outfit, but as I checkout their website I see that they have restaurants throughout the south. 

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