Friday, April 24, 2020

San Diego Alligator Lizard

Last night I went to the sliding door in our bedroom and opened up the glass door and shut the sliding screen door. As I did so I noticed a pretty good sized alligator lizard hanging on to the inside of the screen about belly height. I caught it, showed it to Judy, took it outside and took some pictures, then touched its back and watched it scamper off our patio table, across the lawn and into some cracks between railroad ties.
The alligator lizard on our patio table.

This morning as I was getting ready I was startled to see the alligator lizard again hanging on to the outside of our screen. I took a photo, then went outside and took another photo from the other side. 
Alligator lizard on screen door.
From the other side. Judy closed the glass door and put her hand up behind it. 

Judy and I watched it quite awhile as it maneuvered around on our screen, I assume looking for bugs. It eventually dropped to the ground, scampered across the patio and lawn and into the railroad ties again. 

I've been wanting a pet cat, but I think maybe now I've got a friendly pet lizard. We'll see if it keeps coming around. I last did a post on the San Diego alligator lizard about 10 1/2 years ago. 

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  1. He was very long, at least 8", and with a beautifully intact tail. (So often the tail has broken off.) A real nice specimen. I especially liked his red feet and his toes. They show up well in some of your photos.