Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Cormaran Beach Club - Unawatuna, Sri Lanka

I just realized I'd not blogged about any food or restaurants in Sri Lanka. One of the difficulties in doing so is the difficult written language that makes it hard to come up with the name in English. It is also problematic to pinpoint where a restaurant was located, particularly along the coast, because like the beach areas on the west coast of California, from San Diego up to northern Los Angeles, one city blends into another.  

I just found our lunch bill for the Cormaran Beach Club which identified the city the restaurant was located in, Unawatuna. It was probably the most fancy restaurant we visited in Sri Lanka, and because it was near the ocean, we had to order seafood. 
From where we were seated, looking out over the sand to the ocean. 
Sitting under a roof, but it was still hot and very humid. 
We got a green salad that was pretty good...
and then a seafood plate. The calimari was very good; it had tuna that was very overcooked and horrible; dry shrimp; a spiny lobster split down the middle that was okay; and a crab. 

This may have been the most expensive meal we had in Sri Lanka, but certainly not my favorite. 

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  1. Although it was hot, the setting was pretty fun. I thought the food was really mediocre, mostly just overcooked.