Friday, April 17, 2020

Daytona Pig Stand - Ormond Beach, FL

In January 2019 while I was driving down I-95 I spotted signs for Daytona Pig Stand in Ormond Beach (it looks like it recently changed hands and is now known as Colt's Pig Stand). I couldn't pass that by, so I pulled off the freeway and went inside. 
This big truck in the parking lot catches your attention. Daytona Beach is only 6 miles from Ormond Beach, so I'm assuming that this big truck perhaps serves bbq at things like speedway events. 

I got a two meat combo, a half rack of baby back ribs and brisket. The baby back ribs were a little dry and the brisket and some pieces that were fatty and really good, and some pieces that were very dry and not so good.

The bbq beans were quite sweet, almost two sweet. 
The potato salad was crisp, I like the potatoes to be soft, and I was not fond of the flavor. 
The corn bread with butter was excellent. 
I love bbq. This was not great bbq, but even so-so bbq is better than most regular meals, so it was still an above average lunch. 

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