Sunday, January 1, 2017

George's Corner Restaurant and Pub - St. George

I recently made three last-minute quick driving trips to Utah in about five weeks, two of which involved sleeping in Southern Utah the night before, driving into Salt Lake and then leaving at day's end to sleep in Central or Southern Utah that evening. With all of that driving I decided to scout out some restaurants along the way to break it up. One restaurant I determined to try was George's Corner Restaurant and Pub in St. George, rated the no. 4 restaurant on Trip Advisor. 

On my second trip I tried visiting on a Friday night and it was jam-packed. I was told I would have a 30 minute wait. I left, had a quick dinner at Carl's Jr., and slept in Cedar City. On my third trip I stopped on a Thursday evening and found it crowded, but I was seated right away at the bar. 

The grilled ribeye looked really good, with a chimichurri dip, onions, green beans and house fries that I switched out for onion rings. It was one of the nicer ribeyes I've had in a while. It was cooked perfectly medium rare, was fatty and juicy and had great flavor. The only thing I would have changed was a slight taste of A-1 Sauce that they obviously had marinated or cooked it in. I'm okay with A-1, but it is not my favorite steak sauce. In fact, for a good steak, I would rather eat it without steak sauce. The chimichurri was more than plenty and a very nice addition. It was not as good as the chimichurri sauce I had at Lala's Argentine Grill in Los Angeles, but it was still a nice addition and I used it all. The breaded and fried onions on top were great. The green beans were quite stiff, but I kept telling myself how good they were for me and was able to finish them. The onion rings, on the other hand, were only okay. A house-made bread pudding with white chocolate and caramel sauce was different, and worth trying, but I would not order it again. I would have liked it sweeter and moister.
Ribeye steak, green beans and onion rings.
Bread pudding
That night I continued on to Fillmore where I spent the night. The next day after spending the day in Salt Lake, I slept at Rachael's in Lehi because a storm front came in and closed the freeway near Scipio. On Saturday morning early I got a good start and decided to have lunch in St. George at George's. I'd looked at the lamb burger previously, my second choice, and wanted to try it. 

I got there about 11:4o a.m. and the lunch menu did not start until noon, so I nursed a Diet Coke and had some stuffed jalapenos with Sriracha sauce until the lamb burger arrived. The stuffed jalapenos were full of promise, but did not deliver. They were too crunchy and I did not like the Sriracha addition. 
Stuffed jalapenos
The lamb burger itself was also a disappointment. The lamb patty itself was very lamby, moist and thick. But the curry mayo and cucumber slices, along with red onion, were not enough. I ended up squeezing on a lot of catsup. The fries, however, were fantastic. They were thin and moist with small pieces of rock salt imbued onto them. So they were a moist, crunchy, salty hodge podge that worked so long as they were warm. Once they got cold they lost a lot of their appeal. 
Lamb burger
There are other things on the menu that I would like to try and it is certainly better than Carl's Jr. as a St. George dining option. 

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  1. How can a lamb burger disappoint? That's usually a sure thing. The ribeye with onions on top looks yummy.