Friday, January 6, 2017

Sheep Milk Butter

In addition to goat milk butter, Judy also got me some sheep milk butter for Christmas. It is under the label of Tre Belle Donne (Italian for three beautiful women) from Sierra Nevada Cheese Company partnering with Great Basin Shepherding which raises and milks the sheep east of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the Great Basin of Nevada. 
I was surprised to find the butter in a plastic package and also to find that when I left it out awhile to try it it got quite liquid, thus the reason for the plastic packaging. 
It is only lightly salted and, unlike the goat milk butter that has a very distinctive taste, I probably would not know the difference between this and cow milk butter if I was not alerted to the difference. 

I like it a lot, but I like cow milk butter a lot too and do prefer saltier butter. It was very fun to try but, other than for the novelty of it, I would probably not pay what I am assuming is a premium price to have it. 

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  1. Probably an option for those who are allergic to cow's milk.