Saturday, December 31, 2016

MacCools Public House - Salt Lake City

I made a quick visit to Salt Lake City in December to visit my mother. On the way I called my brother and invited him to lunch with us. He suggested MacCools Public House located in Foothill Village, near where my mother lives. Between our deciding, and then picking up my mother and getting there, two inches of snow had piled up on the streets and it was cold and treacherous. I was driving my California car with no snow tires and no snow-driving experience in years. 

When we arrived we were invited to a table right next to a roaring fire in a fire place. My mother got the spot within a couple of feet of it. We could look out the front window and see the snow falling outside. It was a perfect time for a warm rib-sticking meal. 

My mother ordered meat loaf and my brother what he described as a chicken pot pie (although I don't find it on the menu - perhaps it was a special). 
Meat loaf
Chicken pot pie with a large piece of bread that covered the bowl. 
I found a number of things that tempted me: red trout with quinoa and roasted root vegetables; braised lamb shank; bison short ribs; several items with lamb ribs; and what I eventually settled on  - a buffalo sheppard's pie with ground bison, venison, andouille sausage, mashed potatoes, Irish cheddar and two eggs on top. 
Buffalo sheppard's pie
Inside the sheppard's pie.
For dessert the three of us nibbled at some apple crumble with vanilla ice cream.
Apple crumble with ice cream
It was a perfect meal for a cold day and a very memorable time to be with my mother and brother, something I don't get to do enough of any more. I think I'll be visiting again with my mother. We all enjoyed it very much. 

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  1. I'd be happy to go along and order one of the other dishes you mentioned and share a bite with you.