Monday, January 9, 2017

Brined and Grilled Wild Boar Loin

About four years ago I grilled a wild boar loin from a pig shot by a friend in central California. I recently purchased a wild boar loin with the intention of brining it and cooking it a little more medium rare for a comparison (the last one I cooked to medium). 
In addition to the salt brine I added some mandarin orange juice and let it brine and marinade about an hour. Note that after the brining the loin has turned a brown color.
Loin in salt brine and orange marinade.
Brown color after the brining.
Although this loin is cooked medium rare I did not like it as well as the first loin I cooked. The first loin was larger and I think just a better quality of meat. This smaller loin was okay whereas the previous loin was excellent. 
This loin was just okay. It was good, but not outstanding like my last boar loin. 

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