Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Fonda Oaxaquena - East Wenatchee, WA

We visited Sam in the Leavenworth area and had an opportunity to go up Tumwater Canyon, outside Leavenworth, to see where Sam does some of his climbing. It was a beautiful fall day and many of the trees were sporting brilliant colors.

That afternoon we decided to drive to Wenatchee for lunch. Fonda Oaxaquena was rated no. 8 out of 34 restaurants in East Wenatchee on Trip Advisor and Mexican food was sounding good. 

This is the only time I can recall getting beans and salsa as a snack while we waited for an order, supplemented by guacamole which we did order. It was a nice combination. 
We each ordered the same thing, enchiladas de espinacas, a tortilla filled with spinach and mushrooms covered in green sauce and queso fresco. It looked beautiful, was a nice vegetarian option and was quite filling. I just miss the much hotter salsa we get in Southern California. 


  1. Presentation makes a difference. I also liked the use of Mexican cheese rather than grated cheddar. I wish more Mexican restaurants would do that.

  2. There's nothing more beautiful than fall leaves.