Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Cactus - Bellevue, WA

We visited Cactus in Bellevue on a rainy Saturday afternoon and it was packed. We had to wait about 30 minutes for a seat. It has a nice atmosphere and our waiter was friendly and treated us well. 

We started out with some nice guacamole. Their salsa is very mild and I had to ask them for some pepper sauce to knock up the heat level. Judy ordered a mint cooler that was fantastic. I ordered a Mexican lemonade with jalapeno and that was a mistake. It was seriously hot, unlike the salsa, and I've decided I'll stick to sweet lemonade.
We had a roasted cauliflower appetizer with cotija cheese, aioli and serrano chiles, a tremendous vegetarian dish, lots of flavor. 
Judy's poblano chile relleno was housed inside a fried shell that was kind of hard. The hard shell really lowered the enjoyment of it. The inside poblano, itself, along with lots of goat cheese, was great. However, it also came with a sweet sauce that I felt did not go well with the dish. So overall, it was okay.

I got seafood enchiladas and would get them again. Nice flavor. 
Our waiter brought us a complimentary flan dessert which was a nice surprise. The flan had the typical burnt caramel flavor and was nice. I enjoy the creaminess of flan. 
If they could get the heat out of the lemonade and into the salsa it would make it better in my estimation, but it was still an enjoyable meal on a miserable rainy day. 

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  1. I wasn't crazy about my main dish, but the roasted cauliflower was fantastic. We should try replicating that at home. As I recall, we had a very long wait for our food. Is that why we got the complimentary dessert?