Sunday, January 15, 2017

Riverwalk Cafe - Chelan, WA

I drove out to the Leavenworth area to visit Sam while Judy was attending a conference in Seattle. Sam is always a good driving companion, so I suggested that I would like to see the Columbia River, not too far from there, and drive along it for a ways. We got as far as Chelan before he decided we needed to turn around so he could get to work on time. He located Riverwalk Cafe on Yelp, part of the Riverwalk Inn, as a place to eat lunch, a place that would support his vegetarian eating style. 
Riverwalk Cafe in Chelan.
It  has a nice menu for those who are trying to eat more healthily and is located across the street from a nice park at the end of Lake Chelan, right about where it turns into the Chelan River, before emptying into the Columbia River. 

I had a breakfast burrito with egg, spinach, tomato, red salsa and sour cream which was okay. Their salsa was extremely mild. 
Their hot chocolate was too healthy for me. It was not very sweet or chocolaty and I did not finish it. 
My side of roasted potatoes was very good
as was the toasted raisin walnut bread. That bread is worth going there for. 
The best part was being with Sam. On the way back to the Leavenworth area Sam spotted some  bighorn sheep off the side of the road near Lake Entiat on the Columbia River. We ended up seeing more bighorn sheep there than I've ever seen before. A wonderful end to a great day with Sam.


  1. Great photos of the bighorn sheep, and what a rush to see them in the wild!

  2. What a fun surprise to see bighorn!