Friday, January 20, 2017

Starfruit with Honey and Maple Syrup

I did a post on starfruit about six years ago and I've not had any starfruit since then. My prior post gives some of the background on starfruit and where it is found.

A friend, C. c. Claudia, gave me a box with some assorted fruit in it, including a starfruit. Starfruit reminds me of two things: the North Shore of Oahu, where I have bought it at roadside stands; and the Peruvian jungle where we were served slices of starfruit with honey as a dipping sauce.
Sliced, it has the appearance of a vertebrae. 
Starfruit is very juicy, it rivals watermelon for water content. It also has an understated taste like watermelon. It is usually a little tart, so I find that a little something sweet with it is a nice addition. In this case, I used some honey and some maple syrup, drizzling a little bit on separate portions. 
The star shape is so distinctive that it is as fun to look at it as it is to eat it. I loved both the honey and the maple syrup on it, with a slight nod to the maple syrup. 

Judy has eaten pancakes several mornings recently, and I've been a little jealous watching her pour maple syrup on them. I was able to get my maple syrup fix for breakfast with the star fruit and feel much more healthy doing it. 


  1. Hey, my pancakes were healthy! They were whole wheat with nuts, cacao nibs, and dried fruit in them! Star fruit must be one of the most beautiful of the fruits. It adds an exotic touch to a meal.