Friday, September 18, 2015

Yellowfin Tuna Belly Meat, Collar and Filet

One of my partners went deep sea fishing off the California coast recently and caught a bunch of yellowfin tuna. 
Yellowfin Tuna
He brought some of the meat into the office and I got an assortment of belly meat, collars (the area of the head near the gills) and fillets. 
Belly meat closest to the bottom and collars in back.
I pulled out the George Foreman Grill, a two sided grill, which is perfect for this type of cooking. It cooks quickly, gives a nice grill stripe on both sides of the meat and helps cook the meat evenly. 
Yellowfin belly meat. You can see how fatty it remains.
I normally find yellowfin kind of dry which is why I particularly like the belly meat and collars which are fatty. For the filet, I under-cooked it a bit and ended up combining it with mayonnaise for a wonderful tuna fish sandwich. 
Filet, pulled apart and revealing the inner pinkness.
The belly meat is my favorite. Even when cooked completely through, it is moist and avoids the dryness I associate with yellowfin. 

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