Friday, September 11, 2015

Reem Al Bawadi Restaurant - Amman, Jordan

The last night of our trip to the Middle East, right before being taken to the airport for the long journey home, our guide took our smaller group of eight to Reem Al Bawadi Restaurant in Amman. Our larger tour group left that morning. We extended our stay with the morning spent in Jerash and the afternoon in Amman. This restaurant was just a short distance from the Intercontinental Hotel where we'd stayed. 

I believe "reem" refers to the "rihm" gazelle, an endangered antelope indigenous to the area. The sign has an antelope and the lobby has an antelope head and antelope relief. 
Note the small antelope head to the bottom left.
The eating area was quite a large hall with seating areas separated by dividers. We sat four to a table and were given a very large platter for each group of four. The food was good, a mixture of the typical salads and grilled meats, but a huge drop-off from Fakhr El-Din which our guide had taken us to our first night in Amman.  
It had been a long day and we got much more food than we could handle. 
Hummus, baba ganoush, falafel, pickled vegetables, a creamy meat, cheese and vegetable salad, etc. 
A platter of beef, chicken, french fries, etc.


  1. Yeah, it would have been hard to top Fakhr El-Din. I had worse on the trip, but we definitely had better.

  2. What we needed were doggie bags, a fridge in the hotel, and one more day in Amman.