Saturday, September 12, 2015

Abulafia - Jaffa, Israel

While in Amman our guide took us by a bakery that has existed since 1879: Abulafia or Abouelafia. 
Our group stands in front of the counter of the bakery.
It was right before dinner so we did not get a lot, and we saved some of what we got until later that evening. 
But in particular, we got a feta-cheese filled bread that was jam-packed with feta. 
It reminded me of the feta cheese bread we got in Greece, including the old brick oven cooking it right behind the counter. I think I enjoyed the Greek bread a little more because it was not so over-whelmed with cheese. But this was great too and made more fun because of the setting. 


  1. I would LOVE to go back to the bakery and eat a full dinner there. There were several delicious-looking items we need to try. The feta bread was amazing--so soft and gooey. Oh yum.

  2. The setting was fabulous, but the things Stan and I bought were pale cousins of the pastries of Europe. Nevertheless, nice to taste a genuine local bakery.