Thursday, September 17, 2015

Buche Caprifeuille

Buche Caprifeuille is a goat's milk cheese made by Sevre & Belle of Central/Eastern France, the Charentes-Poitou area, that specializes in goat cheese and is considered the "Rolls Royce of Goat cheeses" in France. 
After less than a week, we started to get a mold on the outer rind.
The milk all comes from goats in that region and there is no vacuum-packing or gas-flushing, which we found caused the outer rind to go moldy quite quickly. It comes in the shape of a log and has a white bloomy rind with ridges that make it look like sheep brains. 

Note the similarities to these sheep brains we ate in Cairo, Egypt, which also were prepared with a very strong lemon component.
The taste will vary, depending on the aging. Ours has matured to the point that the outer layer of the inside cheese has become darker and goopier than the white paste in the center. 
Buche Caprifeuille
It is one of the stronger goat cheeses I've ever eaten, both from a smell and taste standpoint. Having handled some of the cheese this morning, I'm smelling the barnyard smell on my fingers and the multi-hued taste of the cheese is still exerting power over my taste buds. The cheese taste starts out somewhat bland, the tongue distinguishes between the softer outer layer and the more solid inner layer. Then there is an enormous and intense burst of citrussy overload, sort of a D-Day assault on the mouth. Then when you think you can't take it any more, the face scrunched up from the lemony tartness, it quickly subsides. I am one for strong tastes - but this one is almost too much for me. Fortunately, we have some chocolate to soothe over the battered tastebuds. 

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