Sunday, September 6, 2015

Friendship House - Wamego, KS

Judy has been a Wizard of Oz fan since she can remember. She's read all of the books and seen the movie multiple times. So when she learned there was an Oz Museum in Kansas, she had to see it. So in between our stop in Abilene to visit the Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum and Topeka, where we planned to visit the capitol building and a Brown v. Board of Education Civil Rights Museum, we took a 10 mile detour north of the I-70 to Wamego to see it. We were visiting around lunchtime, so we visited the number one (out of 15) restaurant in Wamego on Trip Advisor, Friendship House. 
We were more than pleasantly surprised. Friendship House is a bright yellow two story home on a residential street, about three blocks from the shopping district and main street. It was not immediately obvious where the restaurant was as we drove down the street. The inside looked kind of Christmassy, with wreaths of flowers on the doors and going up a bannister to the upstairs. It has wood floors and wood chairs, just a nice atmosphere. 
Our server went through a list of various cookies they had available, it is a bakery as well as a restaurant, and when she mentioned ginger snaps, I asked if they had milk. Within minutes I had a glass of milk and a wonderful huge, warm ginger snap to dip in it. It was so good I ended up getting two more before our meal was finished. It reminded me of my days as a young missionary in England. I used to buy a package of ginger snaps and a bottle of milk for lunch and dip the ginger snaps into the milk until they got partially soggy. But these ginger snaps were much larger and much softer. I could go back there every day for ginger snaps. 
Ginger snap and milk.
Judy got some thick cabbage soup which tasted homemade. I got a roll filled with beef, onions and horseradish, I don't recall what they called it, but it was good. Nothing to go out of the way for, but good.

We shared a peanut butter sweet roll which was warm and gooey. Then I got a goopy slice of coconut cream pie. The pie didn't hold its shape, but it more than held its wonderful taste. 

Look how much frosting is on this sweetroll!
This coconut cream pies doesn't look like much, but it was wonderful.
Forget the real food, just come here for the bakery. Everything was freshly cooked, it was like eating at Grandmas. Judy got to see the Oz Museum and she was happy. I got to eat ginger snaps and milk, sweet roll and coconut pie. I was more than happy. The Wamego detour was a good one. 


  1. Bakery eating: my favorite diet-buster. I especially love places like this that put just the right amount of frosting on a sweet roll.

  2. Oh, it was heavenly. This more than made up for having to wait for me to make my way through the Oz Museum, right?

    1. It did. It would have been worth the detour just to eat.