Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Ground Nilgai

A friend gave me some ground nilgai antelope meat. I believe he had a friend that shot a nilgai in Texas. I previously tried a nilgai shoulder roast that was horrible, very dry and gamy, so I had no illusions about it. The meat is very lean and very dark. 
Ground nilgai
I cut up a whole onion and a bunch of garlic and fried it in a frying pan with butter and oil until it was getting soft. Then I added the ground nilgai to it. One of the keys of cooking wild game is not to overcook it, so I pulled it off while still a little pink. 
The ground nilgai was substantially better than the nilgai roast. It's taste was stronger than normal hamburger, but it was not particularly gamy. The added garlic and onion added moisture and flavor. 
I then added guacamole and sour cream to the concoction and it was a very nice meal. 

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  1. In my experience, guacamole and sour cream make everything taste better.