Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Gram & Dun - Kansas City

We usually go to Trip Advisor and sometimes Yelp when deciding where to eat during our travels. Gram & Dun in Kansas City, Missouri was rated no. 6 of 1,141 restaurants in Kansas City when we visited (as of today it is no. 4). We were not particularly hungry but I wanted to try it. It is located in a busy, upscale, newer part of town and caters to a younger crowd. It is really more of a bar and prides itself in "pairing food with libations." The menu looked fun - not particularly unusual, but with interesting variations on old favorites. 
The shrimp and grits were the best grits I've ever had - by a big margin. The grits were heavy and thick and had incredible flavor. They were more like thick mashed potatoes and had gravy to emphasize that similarity. The large shrimp with it were cooked perfectly, juicy and succulent. I would visit again just for the shrimp and grits. 
My cobb salad was one of those unusual twists. It had a foundation of lettuce shaped like a canoe and the rest of the ingredients filled it and then slopped over the sides. It had the standard blue cheese and bacon, but also bamboo shoots and a nice mustard vinaigrette which were a little different. I enjoyed it. 
Judy's salad with seared ahi tuna had a wonderful presentation. It was stacked like a pagoda with varying layers of spinach, wontons and ahi tuna and enhanced with peanuts, sesame and a chili ginger vinaigrette. 


  1. Beautiful food with unique flavor combinations. I really enjoyed this place.

  2. Shrimp and grits is definitely a combination I've never seen. Looks fun!