Thursday, September 10, 2015

Mouth of the South Southern Grub - Florence, NB

After visiting the Mormon Trail Center at Winter Quarters and the grounds of the Winter Quarters Temple in Florence, a suburb of Omaha, Nebraska, we decided to find a place to eat. We'd not predetermined a lunch spot, but noticed Mouth of the South Southern Grub on the way in. It had decent reviews on Trip Advisor (no. 63 out of 1,177 restaurants) and Yelp. 
As it was southern food there were lots of deep-fried items. The blackened chicken wings were large, meaty, and quite flavorful. Some of the larger chicken wings we've had. 
I loved their onion rings - not too much batter and very moist. When onion rings are like this there are not many things better.
The sweet potato fries were large and sprinkled with feta cheese. Another very good fried item. 
The Southern salad caught my eye because it had roasted poblano pepper, a favorite of mine, along with red bell peppers, green onions, Gouda cheese, another favorite, pecans and blackened chicken and a spicy dressing. It was really quite a superb salad, except the chicken was a little over-done. 
My favorite dish, although it was not executed very well, was fried gizzards, not a common menu item. However it was very heavily breaded and tough and rubbery. Despite that, I still enjoyed them. 
Overall it was a good meal.


  1. Not much atmosphere--more like a bar than a restaurant, but as is often the case in a bar, the food was surprisingly good.

  2. Sweet potatoes fries with feta seems good to me.

  3. Great name for a restaurant. It makes you want to check it out no matter what Yelp thinks.