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Index - Reptiles and Amphibians

Alligators, Caimans and Crocodiles:
          American - Florida, Florida II 
          American - Louisiana
          American - South Carolina

          American Crocodile   
          Morelet's (or Mexican) Crocodile     
          Mugger Crocodile  

          Nile Crocodile 
               Kenyan Nile Crocodile  
               South African Nile Crocodile  
          Saltwater Crocodile 

Frogs and Toads:
     American Bullfrog  
     California Treefrog  
     Cane Toad  
     Canyon Treefrog  
     Edible Frog  
     Mountain Yellow-Legged Frog  
     Pacific Treefrog  
     Red-Spotted Toad  
     Reed Frog
          Angolan Painted Reed Frog  
          Long-Nosed Reed Frog  
     Western Toad
          Boreal Toad  
          California Toad 

          Mwanza Flat-Headed Rock   
          Red-Headed Rock 
     Alligator Lizard:
          Northern Alligator Lizard:
               Sierra Alligator Lizard
          Southern Alligator Lizard:
               San Diego Alligator Lizard  
          Brown Anole  
          Puerto Rican Crested
          Saint Lucia
          Yellow Chinned
     Common Chuckwalla, Common Chuckwalla II
     Common Green Forest Lizard  
     Common Side-Blotched Lizard
          Western Side-Blotched Lizard  
     Dalmatian Algyroides or Blue Throated Keeled Lizard  
     Desert Iguana  
     Gila Monster            Reticulated Gila Monster; 2017
          House, Common     
          House, Tropical  
     Horned Lizard
          Coast Horned Lizard 
          Desert Horned Lizard
               Southern Desert Horned Lizard 
          Regal Horned Lizard 

          Black Spiny-Tailed   
          Land Iguana  
               Galapagos Land Iguana   
          Marine Iguana  
               Fernandina Marine Iguana  
               Santiago Marine Iguana 
     Lava Lizard
          Galapagos Lava Lizard   

    Long-Nosed Leopard Lizard
          Large-Spotted Leopard Lizard  
     Long-Tailed Brush Lizard
          Bengal Monitor  
          Nile Monitor      
          Asian Water Monitor
               Asian Water Monitor  
               Black Water Monitor 

Oriental Garden Lizard      
Sagebrush Lizard
          Southern Sagebrush Lizard  
          Western Sagebrush Lizard 
     Southern Alligator Lizard
          San Diego Alligator Lizard 
     Mottled Snake-Eyed Skink  
     Sri Lanka Bronze Skink
     Western Skink:
          Skilton Skink 
Spiny Lizard:
     Clark Spiny Lizard 
     Desert Spiny Lizard:
          Orange-Headed Spiny Lizard  
          Yellow-Backed Spiny Lizard     
   Spiny Lizard, Clark   
  Tree Lizard or Ornate Tree Lizard  
     Western Banded Gecko
          Desert Banded Gecko 
     Western Fence Lizard
          Great Basin Fence Lizard 
     Western Skink
          Skilton Skink  
     Western Whiptail
           Arizona Desert 
          Great Basin Whiptail 
          Painted Desert Whiptail 
     Zebra-Tailed Lizard; Organ Pipe 2017   

Salamanders and Newts:

     Black-Headed Snake
          Western Black-Headed Snake  
     Blindsnake or Threadsnake
          Western Blindsnake
               Southwestern Blindsnake or Threadsnake  
          Red Coachwhip or Red Racer
          Egyptian Cobra    
          Indian Cobra  
     Garter Snake
          Western Terrestrial Garter Snake
               Mountain Garter Snake
               Wandering Garter Snake   
     Glossy Snake
          Desert Glossy Snake  
     Gopher Snake
          Great Basin Gopher Snake  
          San Diego Gopher Snake  
          Sonoran Gopher Snake  
     Green Vine Snake   
     Hognose Snake
          Western or Plains Hognose Snake  
          Common Kingsnake
               California Kingsnake 
     Long-Nosed Snake
          Western Long-Nosed Snake
          Indian Rock Python   
     Puff Adder  
          Red Diamond Rattlesnake  
               Colorado Desert SidewinderColorado Desert Sidewinder II 
          Speckled Rattlesnake  
               Southwestern Speckled Rattlesnake 
          Western Diamondback Rattlesnake, 2017
          Western Rattlesnake
               Great Basin Rattlesnake  
               Southern Pacific Rattlesnake, Redlands 2017
     Red-Tailed Boa
          St. Lucia Boa  
     Ring-Necked Snake
          San Bernardino Ring-Necked Snake  
     Rosy Boa
          Coastal Rosy Boa  
     Russell's Viper:
           Indian Russsell's Viper 
     Shovel-Nosed Snake
          Mohave Shovel-Nosed Snake  
     Tree Snake
          Blunt-Headed Tree Snake  
     Western Lyre Snake
          California Lyre Snake 

Turtles and Tortoises:
     Chicken Turtle
          Florida Chicken Turtle 
          Coastal Plain
          Florida Red-Bellied, Red-Bellied II       

     Galapagos Giant Tortoise

     Indian Black Turtle:
          Sri Lanka Black Turtle   

     Indian Flapshell Turtle  
     Indian Star Tortoise   
     Pond Slider Turtle
          Yellow-Bellied Slider 
     Sea Turtle

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