Friday, February 28, 2014

Cream Cake at Vila Ajda - Bled, Slovenia

After visiting the Church of Mary the Queen on Bled Island, probably the most well known place in Slovenia, Judy mentioned that she would really like to try Lake Bled's famous dessert, called "kremsnita," or cream cake. As we walked along the road which borders the lake, on the way back to our car, I spied a tell tale sign on the outside of Vila Ajda and I strongly suspected they served the dessert! 
It just happened that this place also had some amazing views. The church in the lake was visible at a distance as was Bled Castle which we had a great view of from our outside table. 
The church on the island from near where we were sitting.
Bled Castle from our table.
Bled Castle
It took awhile, which was fine, because it was a great place to sit and enjoy, then a real visual masterpiece was brought to our table. The cake on the sign looked good, but this looked crazy good. A piece of strawberry sat on top, several rose petals were on the plate and milk chocolate was drizzled all over the plate, rose petals and even some of the cake. It has a puff pastry base, a custard cream filling and a meringue top. However, it was the chocolate that made it for me. The cake itself was good, but I would have liked it much sweeter. See a recipe here. The drizzled chocolate smeared into the pieces by rolling it around on the plate provided the extra sweetness that I really enjoyed. Even the rose petals tasted fantastic with drizzled chocolate. People say bacon makes anything better. I think the same can be said for milk chocolate.
Kremsnita, or Bled cream cake

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  1. What? You found a recipe? As soon as our roses bloom, I'm recreating this dish. You'll have to fill the kiddie pool with water so that we can eat it seaside.