Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Wood Stork II

I had a fairly extensive post on wood storks last year, but I got enough fun new photos this year that I 've decided to do an entirely new post. I didn't see a lot of wood storks, but I did see a group of them together on Sanibel Island, including some fun images of them in the water. I also got a series of three photos of a wood stork taking off for flight out of the water. 
The black and white images of the three patriarchs, including the reflections in front of them, are broken by the bright pink of the nearby roseate spoonbill. It almost looks like when of those black and white photos with a color insert.
The three patriarchs look like they have been jarred out of their concentration by something, but the spoonbill is oblivious to what is going on. 
Another shift in posture. I love the legs of the stork to the left, with the reflection in the water. 
A stork taking off for flight....
Feet clear the water and it begins to stretch out...
Now it stretches out almost horizontally, a very distinctive and wonderful flyer.

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