Sunday, February 23, 2014

King O Falafel - Kissimmee, Florida

I've been to Florida twice now for a legal conference in Orlando (actually Kissimmee, just outside of Orlando) and for lunch I leave the large and crowded hotel where the conference is held and try to find something less crowded and more peaceful. I've tried a number of different places, but the default has become King O Falafel, located on Irlo Bronson Highway (US 192). My first year I visited four times and last month I visited at least three times, even though I determined ahead of time I was going to branch out and try new places. If it was near home, I would probably eat lunch there about once a week. It is reasonably priced, the food is fresh, inexpensive, primarily vegetarian and the owner is one of the nicest people in the business. Each time I try to pay initially he motions for me to take a seat, then brings me my food, always with a smile. It is ranked no. 4 of 647 restaurants in Kissimmee on Trip Advisor. 
Located in a non-descript strip mall along the highway.
I've had the vegetarian plate a number of times, which includes hummus, babaghanouj, tabouleh, falafel, stuffed grape leaves and a Lebanese salad. It is a nice complement of food items and filling. 
vegetarian plate

Their Mediterranean salad, what I would normally call a Greek salad, was my staple this year. I think I had it at least twice. It is so fresh and the dressing is wonderful, I find myself considering ordering another one. I asked the owner this year what was in the dressing and he indicated it has olive oil, lemon and some other ingredients. It reminds me of the dressing on my archetypal Greek salad, the one on which all Greek salads should be based, which we had in Delphi Greece. Just thinking about this salad now has me craving it.
Mediterranean salad

I've had the falafel sandwich at least three times and it is large, the falafel are moist and tender, the sauce is good, and the accompanying cucumber, tomato and onion go well, with a nicely cooked and fresh pita. 
falafel sandwich
falafel sandwich
I've also had their hummus, which is okay, I don't love it, the split lentil soup and baklava.The baklava is also just okay, not my favorite. 
If I do go back to Kissimmee again, I'm sure I'll be back to King O Falafel. Very nice place.

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