Monday, February 10, 2014

Great White Egret II

I did a post on the great white egret last year and decided that I would do a new post, rather than update my old post, because I got enough new pictures in different settings to warrant it. 

The first two pictures are of great white egrets along the Bio Lab road on Merritt Island, Florida. The second picture really shows some great plumes on the right side, hanging down. 
The common pose.
Nice plumes.
The next several pictures show some great white egrets flying into and out of an area on Sanibel Island, Florida, with some other bird types. They illustrate the awkward grace of this big bird as it struggles to fly or to land. 
Great white egret landing - a white ibis just behind it.
Taking off - two snowy egrets behind it.
Taking off - snowy egrets and a roseate spoonbill behind and to the right.
Looking like it is dancing, or walking on water. Another great white egret to the left.
Then I got some pictures of a great white egret eating a frog on Sanibel Island. 
Eating a very large frog.
I would love to have seen the frog close-up.
Finally, I got a photo of a great white egret standing in a large tree, rather than on the ground or in the water where I usually see them. 
Another unusual pose.

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