Saturday, February 8, 2014

Bald Eagle

I've seen a few bald eagles in my life. As a teenager I saw them near the Snake River south of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I've seen them outside Beaver in Utah and I've probably seen another one or two that I don't recall. 
Bald eagle at Cape Canaveral, Florida
While on Cape Canaveral in Florida at the Kennedy Space Center, recently, we saw a number of bald eagles and a bald eagle nest. The one in the picture below was taken from our bus very near the launch pad which was used for all of the manned moon launches and shuttle flights. The picture was taken through a tinted window on the bus. The picture is not great, but it is all I have. And it was a thrill to see the bald eagles at such a close proximity. 


  1. I have seen a golden eagle, but never a bald eagle. Lucky you!

  2. You need to visit Montana. I've seen them a number of times up here.